13 Jan 2014


For the past 24 hours my usually munchy little man will eat nothing but yoghurt and rice crackers.  Uh oh, not the greatest.  This is weird as he is generally very adventurous and will eat just about anything.

It started yesterday around midday.  Had an unusually large sleep in the morning so clearly hungry but wouldn't have a proper meal.  Tears if we put him in the highchair.  So lunch consisted of taking spoonfuls from my bowl as I sat munching on the couch, and he was cruising around the lounge room.  

In an attempt to appease his suddenly fussy tastebuds, last night I made a delicious shepherds pie.  Savoury mince topped with mashed potato, baked in the oven with some melted cheese. Two of the Mushroom's favourite things, mince and potatoes, and nada, wouldn't even have a bite.  He also voiced his strong opposition to the highchair yet again by displaying some pretty impressive back arching and vocal theatrics.

I know he was hungry because he goes and gets a bib and starts waving it around at both of us yelling the whole time when he wants to eat (note to self, must get that on video!) which he was doing for about 10 minutes whilst we waited for his dinner to cool down.  

After the initial refusal we tried the 'wow this is the greatest thing I've ever put in my mouth routine'.  You kno the one.  Where Juffin and I were eating our dinner and doing the whole "Mmmmm yum yum" and "Mummy likes her Shepherds Pie"m  "Daddy can't wait to put this in his belly, mmmmmmmmmmmmm".  Smiling and nodding and doing the over the top spoon to mouth gestures.  You get the picture.  Ridiculous but necessary with small children.  Mushroom wasn't having a bar of it.

In an attempt to get him to eat something, we then tried a vegemite sandwich, spaghetti, more crackers, and he wouldn't eat a thing.  When we tried a banana, our go to never fail food and instead of delightful 'Nana' and sticking it in his gob, we got a mega meltdown!  What the hell? My Mushroom will NEVER turn down a banana.  

Confused, I ended up getting the yoghurt tub out of the fridge and as soon as he saw it there was silence.  I spooned some into a bowl and he eagerly scoffed the first spoonful offered.  Juffin sneakily rescued the banana from the floor and mashed it into the yoghurt so it was a least a little bit more substantial.   

We were concerned but not overly as sometimes he'll go through a fussy period, but only for one or two meals then back to normal.

Delicious Weetbix 
This morning he slept through until 5.20.  Slept through and a twenty minute sleep in!  Woohoo!  Sometimes I can booby him back to sleep but not this morning.  So we were up.  At 5.30 rolling around in bed and being a noisy one.  

Around 6.30 he was getting cranky so I popped him in the highchair and got the same reaction as yesterday!  What is going on with this boy?  Sat him on my lap and tried to coax him into eating some weetbix. 

It didn't happen.  I offered half a banana.  Threw it on the ground.  So we now have tears, obvious hunger but irrational hatred of all offered foods.  

I'm not going to bother cooking eggs etc to have them thrown on the floor and he's not having bloody yoghurt again, so what the hell could I feed him?!  It was then that I had a brainwave!  I will blend Weetbix, banana and some milk and make breakfast smoothie!  The Mushroom loves smoothies!  

Banana & Weetbix Breakfast Smoothie
Success!  He doesn't really get that it's a straw cup so you don't have to tip it up but he drank it all down so at least I know he doesn't have an empty belly.  I wonder how much longer this is going to last?!  

For those that care, my son has only eaten unsweetened greek yoghurt from about 6 months old.  He loves it and we now buy the 2kg pot each fortnight.