16 Apr 2014

Nerd Alert

I have a serious problem. I've kept my silence for three seasons now but I just can't keep it a secret any longer.

My Star Trek quoting, David Eddings reading, Walking Dead watching, Star Wars loving, RPG video game playing, Tolkien aficionado fiancé does not like Game of Thrones.

I'll say that again.

He does not like Game of Thrones.

At all.

Refuses to sit through one episode.

I am at a loss.

His flimsy reasoning for not giving it a go include:

"It's too dramatic"
"I don't know, it looks silly"
"Just because everyone likes it doesn't mean it's good"
"There's too many characters"
"You can't make me like it"
"Whatever, I'm awesome and I don't like it"

This is a man who likes the Walking Dead, THE BIGGEST MELODRAMA ON TELEVISION, and one of his reasons for not wanting to watch GoT is that it's too dramatic.  Have you seen old school Star Trek?  Have you read a book by David Eddings?  Or Raymond E. Fiest?  Or any other fantasy novel ever written?

I die.

I know that you can't break up with someone just because they don't like a television show.

But seriously people, he doesn't like GAME OF THRONES!

I'm not sure I can marry this man. We have a child together.  What kind of life will my son have if his father doesn't like nor watch Game of Thrones?

I literally have to wait until he goes to bed to watch it.  Alone.  With no one but the entire world on Twitter to talk to about events during an episode.  And tweeting about GoT is useless anyway.  Too many people watch it and love it.  No-one ever replies to my tweets.  You know that guy at school that no-one ever talked to.  That's me, on Twitter.  I'm a Twitter loser.

Watching GoT episodes alone is akin to staying up half the night to finish the last Harry Potter book and upon finishing having no-one to talk to about it because no-one else had come even close to finishing it yet.  And it was 2 in the morning.  Utter devastation.  It was days before any of my family had managed to get through it.  It was like they had lives to live or something.

I'm not sure what to do.  I just had to get it out.  Put it down in writing.  I love the man but no Game of Thrones?  Is that a deal breaker?

Maybe he'll come around... until then... oh gawd!  What will I do?!

We have every book in the Wheel of Time series, 3 copies of LOTR,
and he won't watch or READ Game of Thrones?!