10 Mar 2014

This Happened...

It feels like my baby boy is growing up too fast...  After reading something, somewhere, online probably, I decided last weekend to change the Mushroom's sleeping place from a cot to a toddler bed.  

I didn't think about it too much, I was in a cleaning frenzy, it doesn't happen often so when it strikes, I just have to go with it!  Anyway, I didn't think it was a big deal, until I'd done it.  I then started freaking out as I whilst I was doing it the Mushroom was climbing in and out and I thought, damn, this may be a bad idea.  We are still having night time wakings (don't even get me started) and climbing in and out of bed all day night may not be the best move... 

Despite my misgivings, it has been problem free!  I don't think the Mushroom has even noticed!  It's now been 10 nights and we've had at least 4 sleep-throughs since then, and no climbing in and out at all.  

Hilariously, after a week, I kinda wish he'd figure it out.  If he'd only climb out, then I wouldn't have to get out of bed in the middle of the night just lean over and pick him up!   

Sleepy Head 

9 Mar 2014


A few months ago we took the Mushroom for his first haircut.  Juffin had his done first, then Mushroom followed.

It was not a success.  He wouldn't sit still for long enough so ended up with shorter on top but still long at the back... which I'm not down with... AT ALL!

So yesterday, in a fit of 'I'm sick of looking at it and Juffin won't sort it' I had a moment and I decided to trim the Mushroom's hair myself.

What's that that the kids say these days?  Epic Fail?  Epic fail is right.  I have butchered my son's hair.  So much so, that I think I'll have to keep him home this week so people won't think that he's been punished for something or shave it with Juffin's clippers. He looks like he's the resident of a boys home circa 1927.

Bloody awful.

I actually thought it looked not too bad until we got outside.  Juffin said I should have just put a bowl on his head and cut around it.... oh lordy, I can't keep track of all my bad mothering decisions lately!

The question is should we shave it all off or let it grow out?

3 Mar 2014


I know that my posts lately have been pretty light on in the positivity department.

Ok, they've been pretty miserable.  But honestly, who could blame me?

I'm now going to go the other way and overload with gushy, gut bursting, proud Mama moments.  I know I'm not the first parent to gloat about how super smart/talented/gorgeous their offspring is, and I won't be the last, but seriously...the Mushroom, the human being I made, is being the cutest thing ever!  And he's getting so fricking clever! Like actual words are coming out of his mouth!!


AND when I tell him to do stuff, HE MOSTLY DOES IT!

Alright, alright, he usually does the things he wants to do, but it's there, recognition, understanding, intelligence.  Hooray!

Here's proof he's the cleverest Mushroom on the planet!

Sorry for the dodgy camera work.  I have literally the crappest filming skills EVER!

After this the two of us played chasey around the house for an hour.  I love listening to him squeal with excitement.  I think I might be doing ok at this parenting thing... today at least!