25 Jun 2014


I know people say it all the time, but I honestly have never noticed the passing time as much as I do now that I have an ALMOST 2 YEAR OLD!  Yes, The Mushroom will be 2 in three and a bit months.  This is insanity.

Furthermore, I also didn't realise that it had been over 3 months since my last blog post.  Can you say suckful effort Jess?  Geez. To catch you up, a few things have happened in that time which I will list in dot point below:

  • My awesome aunt lost her battle to cancer in April and it was total and utter shit.  I was glad that her pain was over, but devastated for her daughter, my closest cousin, and my Mum.  I can't imagine losing my sister who makes me laugh nearly every day or my Mother, who is just fucking amazing.  I went to the funeral in NZ and left the boys to fend for themselves at home.  They survived as did the home.  Miracle.
  • The Mushroom started to talk.  A lot.  And actual words.  He is clearly his mother's son.  Just a few days ago he said he had an 'itchy elbow'.  Hilarious. 
  • I had my first ever surgery and was put under a general anaesthetic.  Waking up afterwards felt like I'd had a huge night on the turps which ended in some sort of bar fight and involved in being kicked in the guts.  Noice.  
  • I tried unsuccessfully to give up breastfeeding. Still breastfeeding. (Keep your nasty opinions about this subject to yourself if you have nothing nice to say).
  • I got drunk.  Several times.  It was great and recovery actually better than aforementioned surgery.  I also refrained from breastfeeding whilst drunk.  Just so you know. 
  • I became obsessed with reading stupid YA novels like Divergent and the Fault in our Stars.  You can say it, lame. But yay!  Reading! 
  • I started an online course.  I'm doing a certificate four.  It's daunting and scary but I'm managing ok so far, though not progressing as fast as I'd like... Like right now I should be studying but I'm blogging.. I'm good at procrastinating.  
  • We started some tough love at night time to stop the Mushroom's multiple night wakings.  We're down to one with a cuddle and sit in the chair for 5 minutes.  Crying it out did not work at all.  
  • We introduced the Mushroom to Disney.  Dear Diety, so help me.  If I have to watch Cars or Planes one more time... I should have just stuck to my guns and said no movies until later.  Bad parenting moment (insert infinite number here)
  • I turned 33.
  • Ugh.
  • I am the proud owner of a stand mixer.  I have been baking.  A lot.  
  • I joined instagram and can't stop posting pics of my Mushroom, and my baking.  Follow me if you want!  
  • After successful operation, we started trying for baby number 2 and have been suffering through the emotional ups and downs that is trying to conceive.... 
In summary, a shedload has happened and I would be here all night if I was to update you with all of it. The Mushroom is now 20 months old and at his 18 month check up weight was 10.7kg and height 80cm.  He is half my height and he's not even 2!  He eats so much food, but keeps his weight off by running, chewing and spitting things out and evacuating what happens to be ingested from his body at 7am each day.  GROSS!  
We are nowhere near toilet training.  

There are more teeth popping through and existing dentine numbers 10 with a couple peeking through this morning!  

Still not sleeping through.  

Tantrums have started already.  As has the sass.  

Still clumsy, loves planes, trains, cars and trucks.  

And beetroot. 

And fills my everyday with sunshine and poop.  

I'm still trying to work out how to add my instagram badge to my blog page... I'm missjbaggins if you wanna look me up!

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