13 Jul 2014


My weekends used to be all about drinking vodka, hanging out with friends, sleeping and watching copious amounts of television.

Post Mushroom my weekends are spent in a flurry of activity trying to get the shit that I didn't get done during the week all done in two days.

Somewhere between trying to fill my fridge, washing and folding thousands of items of clothes and keeping some sort of hygienic standard around my house, I'm also trying to spend 'quality' time with my son and my fiance.  Most of the time I feel like I'm a total failure on that last part... this weekend though, this weekend I feel like I achieved both!

Jess' List of Awesome Achievements
Total fridge clean out
Mowed Lawns
Floors vacuummed and mopped
Fans defuzzed
5 loads of washing dried, folded, and put away
Farmers Market
Teddy Bears Picnic
Grocery Shopping
Became fun police*

All achieved whilst battling a nasty head cold!  I feel sick and totally awesome all at the same time.  Go me!

On the jumping castle at the Teddy Bears Picnic 

*My neighbours had a rocking partay last night.  We were not invited.  Obviously not cool enough.  Anywho, they were rocking on until well past 1am and the tunes were getting louder and louder.  When Disturbed, at 1.45am, I lay there staring at the walls listening to the window vibrating and thought fuck it.  So I put on a jumper and my uggs and went next door and politely asked them to turn the tunes down. Of course, oh my god, so sorry, right away... Everyone was so apologetic and ridiculous that I felt a little bad!  Like they hadn't been keeping the whole street up for hours!  I went back to bed and lay down again and I couldn't hear a damn thing.  I just wanted them to turn it down a notch, not break up the whole party.  I nearly put my uggs back on and went back over there but I felt too sick and tired to move.  So I didn't.  I'm so embarrassed that I'm the old person next door telling people to shut up.  Before Mushroom that would NEVER have happened.

It is prudent to add that Mushroom and Juffin were both sleeping soundly like there was no rock concert going on 5 metres outside their bedroom windows.  Annoying!  

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