10 May 2013


Or galah.  Whichever one is the loud screeching one.  Or are they both loud and screeching?  Because that's what the Mushroom has turned into.  A loud screeching cockatoo/galah who is doing my damn head in!

Obviously the Mushroom is learning new sounds every day, but this one has got to be the worst so far.  I haven't worked out whether it's a signal of extreme displeasure or profound joy as it seems to be getting a work out in both situations equally.  I have actually figured out when it's displeasure as it's accompanied by screaming and crying.  Didn't really need a degree to work that one out.  Not that I finished my degree, but  that's a whole other story.  

Lots of other noises and sounds are emerging as well.  Along with screeching we have baba, bbbaaaa, duh, mah, mmmmaaaaa, braaaa and the usual ach ach ah.  I have only heard the mumum and daddadada once or twice, never to be repeated.  There's also this weird thing where he puts his mouth over his hand and opens and closes his fingers.  Like he's waving.  But with his fist over his mouth and then does the sound that we used to do when we were kids pretending to be native American's. Interesting.   

My least favourite has to be the screeching/screaming/crying thing.  As this is done very VERY loudly.  Usually in the car.  Or the high chair.  Or on the floor.  Or wherever really.  And I fear the police may show up as people will think I'm murdering him.  But I'm not, just imagining it, and that makes it ok because I don't really do it.  I grit my teeth and talk calmly and softly to him and give him cuddles until he calms down.  

All the while imagining throwing a bucket of cold water over his screaming beetroot head. 

Ahhh, motherhood. 

Chatting away in his mario cart 
Disclaimer:  I shouldn't have to write that I don't really want to kill my son.  But I don't.  Want to kill him that is.  I know for a fact that every single parent in the World has had homicidal fantasies.  That's what being a parent is all about.  I love the Mushroom, he's the bomb.  He's just friggin loud, and it's super frustrating for the both of us when we can't make each other understood.  Hence the screaming!  Soon he'll be talking my ear off and I'll hate that as well... cest la vie!  

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