20 May 2013


I think I've created a photo monster, a veritable Zoolander in the making.  It's pretty funny.  He can strike a pose at any time and totally recognises what I'm doing when I hold the camera or phone up in front of him.


Mushroom; Oh you have a camera? I didn't even see you there!
Me: Lies! But gawd you're cute you gorgeous thing you!  

"What?!  I lay like this all the time!"   

"Look at me!  I can sit up!  Yay me!  Now take a photo, go on!  Woo!!" 
I told you.  Poser.

Today my wonderful friend came over to visit and bought me coffee.  I have a coffee machine, and the ability to make coffee but am dealing with a little bit of a teething, clingy, whingy Mushroom at the moment so it's always nice when someone comes over and brings you the coffee that you just can't find 5 minutes to make. I managed to get the mountain of washing done, and even had a little bit of a break as she put my very tired and cranky son down for a nap and he actually stayed asleep for longer than 30 minutes, no mean feat these days!  Baby whisperer!  I wonder if she'll come over tomorrow as well....

Anyway the reason for that little story was that today when she was over she noticed that Mushroom does this little lay on his side, with his hand on his knee type pose and it's actually pretty hilarious.  Whenever someone is doing something and he's laying on his tummy, he'll turn to his side, swivel his noggin around and put his hand on his knee in manner of 'yes, what are you up to'.  I took some photo's of him demonstrating this today but I'm choosing not to post them for fear my friend may kill me and not bring me coffee anymore.  Which would be a tragedy.

I will try and get a shot for next time.

It's 11.21pm on a Monday night and my son has already woken up twice and has a fever of 37.8.  I'm biting the bullet by staying up late but I live on the edge.  That's just how I roll.

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