27 Jul 2016


I just wanted to take this opportunity to apologise to my parents, my siblings, my friends... All the people I lived with, Megan, Sara, Aimee, Ron, Kym.. Have I missed anyone? Oh, and my fiancé, Justin.

Over the last three months I have been subject to non-stop chatter from the Mushroom. I'm talking ENDLESS jibber jabber. Yes, endless. The kid could talk underwater.

As you all know, I can talk. A lot.

So I guess karma really is a thing because dear God. My head hurts.

Here's a video of my son yakking on and on about a crocodile who's about to eat him.

This was after hours of nonsensical rubbish about rockets and 'bloosters'.

Note how I'm laying on the couch totally fricking exhausted.

Ps I know he's super cute but damn, I don't even listen to music anymore, when the baby is asleep sometimes I just lay there on the couch soaking up the silence.

I'm sorry everyone I've shared a home and workspace with. Hopefully your ears have grown back. Mine are currently at 32%.

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