29 Jun 2016


The other day, my friend Ash and I were at the park with our kids, watching other Mum's workout whilst we ate chocolate muffins, and an elderly lady came up to have a chinwag.  She was gushing over Molly, who Ash was holding, and asking lots of different questions, how old, what's her name, what a lovely old fashioned name, isn't she beautiful blah blah blah.

Obviously she was a little confused as she was directing the questions at Ashley but I was answering.  She then dropped this little bomb.

"Are you the Grandma then?"

I'm sorry what?! 

"The grandma, you must be grandma."


I laughed as I slowly died inside.

"No, I'm Molly's mother."

"Oh," she goes, "well who's she then," indicating to Ash, "the aunty?"

I said "No, she's just my friend."

She was looking back and forth, back and forth, like she didn't really understand.

"I'm sorry," I said, "I'm the Mum and this is my friend, and we're just hanging out at the park with our kids."

"Oh well," she goes, "She's just beautiful." And then walks away.

WTF old lady!

Do I look like a fucking grandma to you?!

I think I need to invest in some serious skincare my friends because damn, that was COLD yo!!

I got BURNT!

Please tell me I don't look like a grandma?!