25 Mar 2018

Week Twelve

I was just sitting here on the couch thinking, damn I'm tired, I need to go to bed, and then I realised that I haven't blogged about my week yet.

12 weeks down, 40 to go!  What the actual?!

I had Mushroom's parent teacher interview this week.  I stuffed up the time of course, and thought it was Wednesday, it was actually Tuesday, and then Juffin couldn't make it so we made it Thursday and then he still couldn't make it... grr!  Anyway, all is well.  He's a 'character', which I think is a nice way of putting shithead, but seems to be tracking well re reading, writing and all the other stuff.  Huzzah!  He's a chatterbox, loves learning, has trouble focusing and hates being wrong.

Not my child at all!


My hairdresser has returned from maternity leave and I stuffed up my appointment and booked something else in on the same day.

Are you sensing a theme here?

Anyway, because she's the best, we managed to sort it out and my hair has never been more grateful.  I swear.  I feel so much better after having a cut and colour.  I was starting to look like my hair was washed in a toilet bowl.

Molly continues to challenge me daily with her tantrums and sass.  Her go-to response to all questions is a stern 'NO WAY' which she follows with vigorous head shaking.

To be honest, she's doing my fucking head in, and I'm finding it hard to remember that this stage will pass soon enough as well because whilst you're living it, it's fucking hell.

Last night she woke up at 2am and refused to go back to sleep.  I totally lost my shit and started yelling at 4am because I just wanted some damn sleep and she told me to stop.

Deep breaths Coleman.

I ended up putting her in bed with Juffin and Mushroom, who'd already invaded, and going to Mushroom's room to sleep. Suffer all of you.  I could hear the two kids looking for me at 7.30 and I just burrowed down and pretended I couldn't hear them.


Work has been nuts but makes my day's disappear faster than I'd like. Some days I look up and it's 4.15 and I don't know exactly what I've achieved that day but it must have been something because my head hurts and I need wine.

Juffin has been studying his arse off and staying up until all hours doing things with numbers that I can't comprehend.  I mean good on him but stop being a grumpy jerk.  It's like living with two of me at the moment and that's not cool man.  I'm the grumpy one, there's no room for more!

We had two bloody birthday parties this weekend.  After yesterday I said I was only taking one child to the next one  as I may have murdered people.  Or Juffin would have to come.  Of course Molly was sleeping so guess who got to take the child to the birthday party?  I can count on one hand how many fucking birthday parties that man has been to in his son's life.  Ugh.

I hit my 21st day of my 30 mins for 30 days today and I swear I've never stuck to a fitness plan for this long in my entire life.  3 whole weeks.  I don't even know who I am!  I missed the hill this morning due to Miss Molly's disruptive bullshit but still managed to get my stretch/yoga session in this evening so obviously I'm the healthiest, most dedicated fit model to ever walk the planet.



But fuck I am good for doing 3 weeks without missing a damn day.

I feel like rewarding myself with a new pair of tights.

In a smaller size.


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