15 Jul 2013

Death by Cupcake

I've gone a little crazy in the cupcake making department.  I've never been much of a baker but I came across this website whilst googling recipes for a girlfriend's baby shower.  I made the pumpkin ones with cream cheese frosting and nearly died.  They were amazing.  However my baking skills were a little rusty!

Pumpkin with Cream
Cheese Frosting
I then tackled the chocolate with peanut butter frosting and the mocha.  Juffin was so impressed with my new found obsession that he bought me a recipe book of 500 cupcakes for Mother's Day on the proviso that I wasn't to make the same cupcake twice.  You think I can't do it Juffin?!  Challenge accepted!

I went out and bought myself a piping kit, did some you tubing on how to frost, and viola!  I've made over 200 cupcakes in the last 3 months. Here's some of the highlights!
Mint Choc Chip with
Mint Buttercream 

Dark Chocolate with Peanut
Butter Frosting
White Chocolate with
Raspberry Frosting 
Chocolate with Chocolate

Rosewater with Pistachio
Cream Cheese Frosting
My skills aren't that great, equipment not much better! (I still use a hand held beater) The piping is a bit dodge, and sometimes I over beat and they come out a little dry, but damn, I am loving baking me some cupcakes!

It's no wonder my arse won't bloody shrink!

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