14 Jul 2013

Myth Busters - Part 2

Further to my post the other day there are more things that kept running through my head and I was like 'Moron!  Why didn't you include that in your post?!'

Myth:  When your baby starts eating food, he will sleep better.
Fact:  When your baby starts eating food you will have heaps of mess to clean up and there will be food stuck in unimaginable places.  They probably won't sleep better.  Not to mention the extra washing.  Which was already at a ridiculous level.

Myth:  When your baby starts crawling/being more active, they will sleep better.
Fact:  Your baby will just start stuffing around in the cot, roll around like mad and hit his head and cry.  Or he will stand up and won't be able to get down and cry.  Or he will be flailing around like a mad thing and get his arm/leg stuck and cry.  He will not sleep better.

Myth:  Breastfeeding becomes easier over time.
Fact:  Your baby will find new and interesting ways to torture your nipples by biting, scratching, pulling and generally acting like a homicidal maniac whilst at the breast.

Myth:  Once you get into a routine, everything will fall into place.
Fact: I'm yet to see the fruit from this little gem.

Myth:  If breastfeeding your period won't return for ages.
Fact:  I'm not going to go into gory details but if ages is 2 months, then that happened.

Myth:  What worked for your baby will inherently work for all babies.
Fact:  Obviously this is bullshit.  Your baby is an individual, just like you.

Myth:  You can never take too many photos.
Fact:  You can.  I have over 2500 photos from the last 9 months.  Two and half THOUSAND.

I have 2499 others just like this!
I think I'm done with the whole mythbusters thing now... NEXT!