16 Oct 2013


We've had an amazing bedtime routine for the majority of Mushroom's life.  Whilst his day sleeping has always been a bit shit, he will always go down without a fight at the end of a long day.  We do dinner, bath (shower with a parent whatevs), book, some boobie, then bed.

Until now.

Over the last month, we've had a few nights where the shithead, whoops, I mean the child, will not co-operate with his 7pm bedtime.  Like tonight, at 7.45, he was doing laps of the lounge room and the kitchen banging a plastic peg on the tiles and shouting Dad at the top of his lungs.  We did our best to ignore him. I mean, what else are you supposed to do?  I still can't bear to leave him scream in his room so expend some energy it is.

We made it clear that nothing fun happens after you go to bed Mushroom.  We just finish our dinner, do some washing, hang out washing, fold up washing, pack lunchboxes, clean filthy highchair, clean filthy house, shower.. you know fun stuff like that.  Ok, sometimes we just look at the mess and then collapse on the couch because it's all too hard, but you know, nothing fun.  No raucous parties.  No loud tunes.  No mountains of chocolate.  Sometimes I'll bake.  Or read a book.  Those nights are fun. For me.  Not exactly your idea of a good time.

So here we are at 8.30 and he's finally asleep.  I had to sit in the recliner with him laying on top of me, sucking furiously on his dummy, whilst he pulled my hair and finally dozed off.

I'm blaming a late sleep.  See I had my deforestation appointment this afternoon, so the Mushroom spent an hour and a half hanging at my Mum's house whilst I had that going on.  And he fell asleep, at 4.30, when they went for a little stroll down the road.  Stupid Mushroom.  You need to sleep at 3, not 4.30.  He must hear my voice on arrival and wakes up 5 minutes after I get there, only to fall asleep on the drive home as well!  Ugh!  I know in my very soul that this will mean a late bedtime and what happened?  Huh?  What did I tell you?!  

Obviously I'm onto it.  The days when he won't go down to sleep at 7 are because he has had a late sleep.  So no more late sleeps... but like this whole parenting fiasco, easier said than done.  He's trying hard to move to one sleep but it's just not happening yet and he's not ready.  He still needs that power nap of an afternoon to see him through to bedtime. I may have to start being vigilant and start clock watching.

Or drugging him.

Either way, good to know that I've figured that one out and not complete shite as a Mother!  Another positive, appointment raving success and now have tidy, waxed and hair free areas on my person. Happy as a clam.

Finally succumbed to sleep.  Turd.