19 Dec 2013


The title says it all really.  Bloody pathetic.  And you know what’s even more embarrassing?  When you say that you’re going to post at least three times a week and two months later you recover from the embarrassment of not posting for weeks and realize that you’ve maybe posted three times TOTAL since making that statement.  Now that is embarrassing.      
There were a few things happening, but, honestly, none of them were that pressing that I just couldn’t sit down and post.  It all just seemed too hard.  And when you’re a Mum, things seem too hard, a lot of the time.  And I don’t even work full time. 

First things first, the MUSHROOM TURNED ONE!  YAY! 

He walked.  DOUBLE YAY!


Some other things happened; Mushroom started sleeping through, we finally dropped down to three breastfeeds a day, Mushroom and I travelled over the ditch to visit the whanau in New Zealand, Mushroom stopped sleeping through, I made lots of cupcakes, Juffin reached new levels of stinkiness in the fart department, we welcomed a PS4 into our plethora of gaming consoles and techno gadgetry, and I got addicted to Breaking Bad.  

At present we're humming along nicely getting ready for Christmas.  Or not ready for Christmas.  I haven't done any shopping, our money was spent on my trip and Juffin's car (don't even get me started) so we're on a shoestring for Christmas once again.  I can't complain though because I really am grateful for all we have.  

I am going to do some catch up posting.  I promise.  There will be a walking post, an engagement post (because everyone wants to hear that story!) a birthday party post (only because I'm so proud of my first birthday cake attempt!) and I wish I could do a smellovision post so you could endure the rotten, stinky, abomination that is my fiance's flatulence.  

Today's obligatory selfie (1 of 5000) 

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