7 Nov 2016


Today the Mushroom told his Grandmother to 'shut her water hole'.

When she asked him what that meant he said, STOP TALKING.

Seriously.  That actually happened. I got a text message with the above and nearly spat out my drink.

I felt like I had to defend myself and reiterate that I have never said, shut your water hole, in my entire life.  But she blamed other kids anyway.  She really thought it was me though, I know.

She took some Lego off him as punishment but she was floored.  I think she believes that I make up his bad behaviour.  Like I'm exaggerating because it makes for a funny story.  He's literally never misbehaved for her before in almost 4 years of her looking after him so it's well overdue.

When I called her son to tell him what our delightful child had said to his Mother he cracked up and we both laughed for about 3 minutes.

Shut your water hole.

Honestly, you can't make this shit up.


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