1 Dec 2017

Weekly Wrap 1/12

It's December 1st!  Huzzah!

In news this week...

Juffin managed to procure himself a VR playstation headset.  He is now the biggest nerd Earthside. He has stayed up far too late most night's this week waving his arms around the lounge room and yelling enthusiastically for me to come and watch.

I tried it but it made me queasy AF so I'm out.

He looks cool.

Said no-one ever.

I had a pity party earlier in the week but then got over it.  I do that.  I mostly use this blog as a way to vent and it helps me feel better so thank you to those who reached out and sent me some love.  It's so appreciated.

I signed up for the Casserole Club I have to go through a Police Check yet but can hopefully start sharing our meals with some elderly neighbours who need them.  I need to send some good karma out into the world.

Miss Molly continues to be a destructive whirlwind and nothing is safe. There are too many shenanigans to name, but tonight she managed to get into the sudocrem and spread it all over the coffee table.  I was on the phone and Juffin had his back turned for 2 seconds.

She's a menace.

Mushroom was never into shit like she is so we're definitely having to step up our toddler proofing game.

I went and saw Bad Mums 2 (I refuse to write Moms #sorrynotsorry) on Tuesday with some gal pals and ate popcorn and laughed my arse off.  I love laughing raucously in the cinema with abandon.  It's good for the soul.  It was a silly, ridiculous movie, but there was a heart moving moment and like the emotional fool that I am, I shed a tear.  Who can help themselves?  I've always been a wimp in emotional scenes.

I bought the kids some Christmas gear last weekend to wear to kindy over the coming weeks and Mushroom whinged and moaned about having to wear them but then cracked up when they were in the wash and he couldn't wear one!


I'm such a good Mum that I'm yet to capture them both in all in their cheap Christmas glory but we have the Kindy Christmas Party on Monday so I'll flood you with cheesy pics then.

This week I also put my baking hat on and made our Christmas Cake, some choc salted almonds and an Orange Almond Cake for Juffin.  He's complaining that I never bake him anything which is totally untrue, but I had some oranges that were overripe so I thought I'd shut him up.  Honestly, luckiest man alive!

We had a productive day today.  I got the fruit shopping done before 9 this morning, and I got a little bit excited that I was able to buy the bags of lebanese cucumbers again.  Healthy eating has got me consuming those suckers in record time so I was glad to pick them up in bulk for cheaper. It's so good to get in and out of there so early, we missed most of the rush and despite a few meltdowns over strawberries and kiwi fruit, it was mostly pain free. Sometimes the mornings just work.  Not often.  But sometimes.

They were cuddling nicely until I tried
to take a picture...

I got all the washing folded this afternoon whilst Molly was sleeping and have two loads ready to hang tomorrow provided the weather is clear.

I have to hit the shops some time over the weekend and get Mushroom a plain red polo or similar for Monday and get a 5th birthday pres for his mate's party on Sunday.

I've completed my Christmas shopping for Juffin and have to finalise the order for the kids.  Juffin is in charge of getting the Mushroom's big pres and I'm still undecided re Molly's.... but I've never been this organised for Christmas before guys!  It's totally unbelievable!

We put our tree up tonight and Mushroom serenaded us with We Wish You a Merry Christmas over and over again as Spotify wasn't connecting so there were no real carols to listen too.  I suspect that Juffin sabotaged in some way as he hates the carols but I will loudly sing them unaccompanied, so bah humbug to him!

I may have overdid it somewhat....

ANDDDD to make my week I managed to score a bunch of a Tupperware at a fraction of retail price so I can 'Tupper' up my pantry!  I'm so excited!  Modular Mate heaven!!!

Hope everyone had a good week and are all gearing up for a safe and happy holiday season.  Bring on the prawns! 

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