14 Dec 2017

You GUYS!!

I had my follow up ultrasound on Monday and guess what?! 

My cyst has gone!

It's GONE!

That means no fucking surgery!  WOOOO HOOOO!

My GP said today that ultrasounds are hard to read so cyst may have been run of the mill ordinary variety and resolved itself OR it ruptured and didn't cause me any grief.  I'm not sure that that's entirely accurate but whatever, I'm so happy.  The thought of having another fucking surgery was making me want to curl up and rock in the corner.

I'm now being pro-active and have booked a consult to get checked out for the mirena. Bring on IUD contraception and hopefully minimal issues.

I wish I could say that I freaked out for nothing and that I feel silly but I've been this way for 36 years and that shit ain't about to change now! I live for the melodrama!  Not really, but I'll never stop overthinking things.  It's just me. 

In other news, I have baked up a shedload of Christmas treats and managed to control myself, which is amazing, let me tell you.  I have literally been through 4 dozen eggs in the last fortnight.  My fridge is heaving.  I love feeding the masses. 

The 5 year old has turned into total shitbag and 20 month old just copies whatever her brother does, so also total shitbag.  Threats of no presents and Santa not coming have fallen on deaf ears and I feel like a shithouse Mum as never manage to follow through on threats and bloody kids run rings around me.  Or, in turn, I'm super tough and then their Father just bends straight away.  It's frustrating as all hell.

I'm afraid that after taking 37 mins to ride just under 8km, I have decided that bicycling is so not my thing and I won't be doing it for exercise again unless under extreme duress.  People can fucking run faster than that.  I can only imagine what my wideload arse looked like from behind but I felt like I needed a sign on my back warning people of the slow moving tank up ahead.  Still.  I'm making progress and I wasn't sitting on the couch. Surely that's a win?! 

And despite being a little more organised for Christmas this year, ie kids and Juffin, I'm still not completely sorted gift wise. 

I'm not at all worried..... 

Tomorrow I will attempt to make sour dough, from scratch, for the first time.  I've been feeding my starter daily since Sunday and it's pungent and frothy.  I have no idea what I'm doing but it feels like the holy grail of bread making and pretty sure I'm in way over my head.  I will keep you posted.

I'm making the children wear ridiculous Christmas outfits
24/7 #BestMumEver

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