18 Dec 2012

4 hours

Have you ever used a breast pump?  Unless you're breastfeeding, or have breast fed, then I guess you haven't.  The thing about breast pumping is it's super weird.  Another thing about breast pumping is... it's super weird.

When you're pregnant everyone in the health industry will tell you that breastfeeding is a beautiful, wonderful, natural thing.... Breast is best, blah blah blah, whatever.  For some people, it's just not a reality.  Your milk might not come in, you may have inverted nipples which aren't conducive to breastfeeding, it might be extremely painful and you may decide it's not worth the agony.  Your baby could have a tongue tie, which means they won't be able to latch on properly, but good luck trying to figure out if your baby is tongue tied!    Professionals will tell you to persevere, even with cracked bleeding nipples but ultimately it's up to you, a personal choice that you make.  I was naive and just assumed that Mushroom and I could get the hang of it, just like the whole natural birth thing... ahem.  Turns out I'm super lucky and only had about two days of difficulty breastfeeding, the rest has been smooth sailing, hooray for me!

The sucky thing about breastfeeding is that you can't drink copious amounts of alcohol, which is all you want to do when your son is screaming down the house and won't go to sleep.  Enter the breast pump.  I've been blessed with amazing friends and one of my wonderful friends lent me her very expensive, top of the range, medela swing electric breast pump.  Apparently if breast pumps were celebrities, this one would be Ryan Gosling... so hot right now.  Basically you whack it on and away you go.  Except that it looks weird and because it's so weird looking, I can't stop watching it.  My nipple, getting sucked out like that, it's so bizarre....

I had my work Christmas party on Friday night, and despite having stored enough booby juice in the freezer to last several days, I decided to drive myself therefore limiting the amount of alcoholic beverages I could consume.  It was my first night away from my little Mushroom and the Juffin's first time alone with him.  If anything happened, I wanted to be able to drive home immediately.  Yes, yes, I'm well aware that nothing was going to happen, but you just never know.  I also couldn't bear the thought of being hungover and still having to get up and entertain my little man the next day.. This is how I know that I'm a Mum and a responsible adult now!

I spent just on 4 hours away from my son and guess what?!  Juffin was fine and the Mushroom was fine.  Apparently he carried on a little bit after I left (missing Mummy :-)) so Juffin wrapped him up in my nightie, heated up a bit of milk, nigh on 100mls and he nearly scoffed the whole thing down!  As a result of being extremely milk drunk he promptly passed out.  Hungry hole.  I spent most of the night looking at my phone and thinking about how the two of them were getting on... awww.

Juffin and the Mushroom 
  Next time:  Christmas Shopping....