12 Dec 2012


This morning I had my first, proper, heart melter.  Shit.  My maternal instinct's have obviously been on some sort of muscle relaxant or something.. it's only taken 7 bloody weeks to kick in!

Mushroom and I were playing on the bed in the air con after our stinker of a walk this morning.  We were both hot and sweaty, him from laying in the pram, me from striding it out.  He was being a fussy turd and I realised it was nap time (getting good at recognising those tired cues people!) so I decided to give him a feed so he could nod off like a happy little clam and I could have a damn shower.

Instead of settling down and eating like a civilised person, my boy kept kicking the bed head and punching my boob with his little clenched up fists, jumping off and on and yelling his displeasure at me to the tone of:


All the while staring up at me with disapproval and Cranky McCrank eyes.  After the third time it happened,  I decided to get even.  The next time he pulled off before he could utter a sound, I 'WAH'ed at him first.  You should have seen the look on his face!  Talk about big eyes, absolutely hilarious!  I started to laugh at him, as I do quite often as he takes himself so bloody seriously, when the best thing happened.  My little man's stern face dissolved into the biggest smile and he actually cooed at me, it was almost a giggle!  He smiled at me for a whole minute, grinning and carrying on, then stuck himself back on the booby and drifted off to sleep. He was so happy in that moment that my little heart melted and I actually had tears spring to my eyes.

Moments like that seem to be what makes motherhood all worth it.  I thought there was something wrong with me as I was yet to experience one of those crazy tears springing to eyes bullshit, but it happened to me today.  Bless his little cotton socks if it wasn't too feckin hot to wear them!

Making it all worth it 
  Next time:  Pumping...