6 Jun 2013


For my birthday ( Monday just gone) my clever little Mushroom started crawling.

He has been commandoing around the place for a month or so now, but Sunday was the first time he put arms and legs in motion together and tentatively did a few one two's before collapsing in a heap.

So clever!  My big ol heart just about burst with pride!

I thought that was enough excitement for one week but obviously not as about an hour ago he started to try and pull himself up on the couch next to me!  Where I was folding washing.  Ok, not exactly true, I wasn't really folding washing.  I was on FB on my phone.  Which I've been trying to cut back on with little success.  Stupid smartphone, stupid facebook, stupid stalkerish personality type!

Anyway, so not the point, the pulling up was the point.  What a clever little Mushroom!  Am now hastily rethinking floor plan in my mind and wondering where the hell I'm going to put everything...

Unfortunately, because baby's will inherently not cooperate with anything that you attempt to do, I have been unable to capture the crawling on film, so no photo to accompany this as proof of new exciting talents.

Here's a cute one anyway.
"Another photo Mum?!  Sheesh woman!"  
Whilst I'm super impressed with his awesome talents, I can't help wondering when I'm now going to be able to shower... why can't they just stay little forever?!  

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