21 Jun 2013


It's official.  I am going back to work.  Kinda happy but mostly sad.

After trying to live on one income we have realised that while not impossible, it's very, very hard.  I'm not going to share our financial woes here but Mechanic's aren't well paid, and when you have car loans, credit cards, and ever mounting living costs, our dream of owning our own home and having another baby will not come to fruition.  Like ever.

So I'm going back to work. Part-time.  For four hours a day.


On the other hand, I am looking forward to not having to decide what to wear everyday, talk to other actual adults during the day, and, of course, the money.  My hair needs doing again, and my eyebrows, well, let's not even go there.  When you don't have room in your budget to get a $12 eyebrow wax, it's time to go back to work.

I have one week of freedom left.  I am going to make it count.

Hopefully everything will be alright.  I will find some decent care for the two days I'm left stranded and I won't hate myself for leaving my little one for 4 hours a day.

So I was going to spend an exciting fun filled morning with my son today but instead he's been doing this:

Sleeping Mushroom 
He's been at it for 2 hours.  This is quality Mummy baby time Mushroom!  Damn!  

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