19 Jan 2016

Car Seat

The countdown is on and we are yet to purchase a new car seat.

We have three car seats already.  However, the Mushroom will be 4 soon and will be too big for all of them... geez.

So I did some googling, as one is wont to do when they hate the shopping, and would rather do clothes washing than spend any time in shops during school holidays.

I google, and google and google some more.  After spending countless hours online, I am no closer to being any better informed.

I decide to visit the only baby shop in town to find out what my options are.

Of course, I am intelligent and leave the Mushroom at the in-laws.

I am even more intelligent because I visit the store during the day.  When there is one person working there and zero customers.  Despite being the only human in there, I still stand around in front of the car seat stand for 5 minutes.  I finally decide to go and look for someone when I am approached by a bearded man.  'Can I help you?'  He says, smiling.

Me being a smarmy wanker says 'Why yes you can good sir, please tell me, aside from the price, what the difference is between these two car seats.'

Both are Britax Safe N Sound.  Both are grey and black.  Both are cushiony and look comfs.  Both are suitable for ages 6 months to 8 years.

But one is $479 and the other is $319.

Aside from extra padding on the $479 one, I really can't tell the difference.

And so begins the hard sell.

Mr Baby Bunting Beard asks me question after question, how old is my child, how far away is baby, what kind of car do we have, what kind of seat do I use now, do I care about safety... (seriously, he asked me this?!) how old is my current car seat...

After this battering he then proceeds to tell me why the $479 one shits all over the other one.

There are pop out cupholders!
Built in speakers!
You don't even have to pull the seat out to adjust the height!
How old is he again?  Three?  He can just plug his ipad in and not disturb you all and have his drink handy...

I'm like WTF dude?! He's a toddler, not Kanye!!

I am overwhelmed to say the least.  I hesitantly ask about a different brand which is $200 cheaper and he basically says it's rubbish and I clearly don't care about the safety of my child.  When I pull that face, you know the one where you're like, what the fuck did you just say?  He says of course all car seats meet Australian Safety Standards.  So they should douchebag!!

I've got no idea what to do.  I'm looking at the seats and thinking I still know nothing!  I quietly say I will have to discuss with my partner before making a decision and he says, well yes, it's a big decision... hey!  Why don't you come back on the weekend?  We've got 15% off all carseats, even sale stock!


Far out.

 Can you tell the difference people?!  Can you?!!!!