8 Jan 2016


Can I just say that you all totally kick arse?! Seriously!  I love how supportive everyone was after my last post re douchebag ultrasound technician and bad experiences at lovely radiology practice.  You guys are amazing and wonderful.  It's amazing that you even read my stupid blog, but to reach out and provide support, AWESOME!  


This week my son went back to daycare and the Juffin went back to work and I attempted to do some well overdue study.  

See how I used the word attempted there? 

Study and I don't have a good relationship.  I'm what educator types would call a CRAMMER.  That means I wait until the last possible moment and then sit down and somehow scrape in by the skin of my teeth. 

I think I'm addicted to the adrenaline. 

In my defence, my online study provider, Open Colleges, sucks total balls and I receive zero support whatsoever.  

I'm also doing what COULD possibly be classed as the HARDEST, most RIDICULOUS, and OVER INFLATED certificate IV in the history of certificate IV's.  

Just saying. 

Anyway, 2015 was total shit.  My computer died, I had a number of health issues not limited to losing a baby and my left fallopian tube, a manic toddler and another pregnancy and this all amounts to fuck all study getting did.  

So I sat down and tried to bang some shit out. 

The bowl had chips in it, Because study requires fried potato products.

Yes, that's a pillow on my chair because my fat pregnant arse was going to sleep on the hard, unforgiving timber. 

I have set goals.  

I will stick to set goals. 

I will finish this fucking mammoth task and I will be marketing genius and all around awesome human being. 

If I don't, I will cry and feel shit about it for a very, very, long time.  Like that time that I didn't finish that degree that I'm still paying off (insert hysterical crying face emoji here) 

If anyone in the area is willing to sit down and help me I would literally love you forever and pay you in baked goods. 

I'm a good cook. 

I will make you fat.

I promise. 

I'm desperate.

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