31 Jan 2016


Remember when people used to be nice?  Smile at each other?  Assist if you needed help?

What happened?

Have we become so obsessed with ourselves, with our own stupid meaningless crap that we can't be nice to other people doing their bloody food shopping?

Today I visited my local big name supermarket.  It's always busy.  The carpark is a schmozzle.  I always park further away because you know what, it's 5 metres?  I'll survive.

Upon entering the supermarket there is that weird moment where people are exiting and entering at the same door and everyone is pushing and shoving.  I get inside and a lady walks in front of me to get a trolley.  After waiting, patiently, for her to retrieve the small trolley I get my trolley.  As the lady walked past me she apologised for taking so long, it's fine, I said, you didn't take long at all.  I smiled.  She gave me an odd look.

Inside the supermarket I was shoved out of the way by a rude woman trying to get to the bananas.  I was also looking at the bananas but guess what lady?  There's a whole bloody display of bananas and no-one is standing on the other side.  I moved.  She didn't even acknowledge me.

At the meat fridge I stand back and look at the fridge from the other side of the aisle.  You know, so people can walk past and you don't take up the whole lane.  Apparently this isn't the way that you do things.  Apparently you just stand directly in front of someone as they are clearly looking into the meat fridge and block their view. As a result I then have to move as the aisle is clogged and nobody else can walk past.  I then stand and wait as all the other customers walk past.  I am still smiling.  Finally meat lover moves on and I can finally make my selection.

In the laundry aisle it happens. My smile is becoming brittle.

In the chocolate aisle it happens again.

I see an adorable baby and I smile at the baby.  Baby is happy.  Baby is smiling.  We trade grins for a while and then the mother catches me and gives me a 'what the fuck are you looking at my baby for' look.  Geez lady.  I was just smiling with the kid, I'm not going to steal him!

My smile has now disappeared. I'm mostly grimacing.  Grimacing because people are chumps and also because my front hiney is sore and feels like there's a bowling ball sitting in between my legs.

People keep pushing in front of me, knocking my trolley, standing in front of items and chatting whilst I'm clearly waiting to get items off the shelf.  There's an angry vibe.  People are rushing and impatient and annoyed.  It's making me sad.  That and the whole bowling ball thing.

I know grocery shopping is shit but fark people, it's not like it's hell!  It's hell outside!  It's literally hotter than Hades and here we are, chillin in the free AC, wandering up and down listening to early nineties pop, and looking at food.  Food!  Food is love people!  What could be better than that?  If supermarkets wanted to improve people's moods perhaps they could start handing out cocktails upon entry!  That or ice-cream.  Marketing genius!  Maybe then people would stop being such a-holes!

I am now vowing to continue my online shopping experience.  I just ran out of washing powder today and thought I'd do the whole lot at once. Dick move Jess.

Despite having to visit hells gateway, I managed to stay within budget!  Kudos to me!  My pantry and freezer are looking frickin awesome right now and I'm feeling pretty pleased with my budget sticking-ness skills.

On a side note, does anyone know how you can use your flybuy vouchers to get your extra points if you do the online thing?  I like getting my 1000 bonus points!!

These ones?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Anyone?  

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