22 May 2016


This week I heard a few stories that made me a sad.

No, I'm not talking about HONY but dear God, the tears.

This was about other Mum's being total C's to each other.  Like really, really awful and mean.

Heads up ladies, you're not fucking better than anyone else, so pull your head in.

One of these stories involved a Mum going along with her daughter to a birthday party and having NOT ONE OTHER MOTHER TALK TO HER.


Are you fucking serious?  Who are you people?

This poor Mum tried to initiate conversation a few times, a very difficult thing to do if you know no-one, only to be rebuffed time and time again.  At one point one of the Mum's even uttered something about the birthday girl inviting the whole class, like it was a bad thing.


Then my Mum told me about going to a primary school activity when we were still at school and had just moved towns and not one fucking person spoke to her there either!!  She said she went home and cried.

Let's be honest, we women can be total arseholes.  We're nasty to other women.  We bitch, snigger, make snide remarks about clothes, hair, weight etc.  I know, I've done it, I'm not going to lie.  I'm not at all perfect, but as I get older, I have less patience for that bullshit.  And we really should fucking stop it.  My Mum didn't even have a perm then.

Ok that last line was a joke, she may have had a perm.

Just kidding.

Love you Mum.

You get the point though right?!

When I first had Mushroom I would talk to anyone who would listen.  I'd yak it up in the parents room, at the park, waiting in line for coffee.  I joined online forums, started this blog, badgered people on social media, I even dropped into work way too much.  Of course I had friends who already had kids but nothing compares to having those friends who's kids are the same age as yours, going through the same ups and downs.  Especially since you forget so quickly.  And this is true for any age!

Obviously I'm outgoing, and it's not hard for me to talk to strangers. I don't mind looking like a tool if I say hello to someone.  Let's be honest, I look like a tool most of the time, but some people don't feel confident saying hi.  It might have been a major effort for them to even leave the house that day!

I see a million of those inspirational pics on facebook spruiking the joys of lifting each other up, being there and rooting for our fellow ladies and Mum's, but girls, we gotta start doing it.  Clearly it's not happening if Mama's can't even go to a birthday party and be nice to a stranger.

So tomorrow, wherever you are, say hello to the Mum who's by herself at the park, getting coffee, fighting with her toddler at the supermarket.  She might need a friend.  Let's actually, really start being nice to one another. Because no-one needs to be crying at home after some molls were nasty to her at a fucking kids birthday party.

I wear cool shoes, say Hi!