22 Jun 2016

Hide and Seek

My son is both adorable and awful equally at the same time.

On Friday last week we were playing hide and seek. He loves hide and seek. Who doesn't love hide and seek? I love the look on his face when he's been searching for me for ages and he's starting to get a bit panicky and I jump out and scare the crap out of him. Mummy moment.

Anyway we were playing for ages but we'd run out of good spots so it was getting a bit boring, when I heard Molly wake up. I told him to go and talk to her while I peed quickly. I go to the main bathroom and when I'm finished I walk into my room to find him pushing his NEWBORN sister UNDER MY BED.

He had taken her from the middle of my bed, CARRIED her BY HER SLEEVES, put her on the floor and then using two hands pushed her by the bum under the bed.

My heart nearly stopped.

Mushroom looked at my face and his face fell.

'Its alright Mummy. I was berry gentle, Molly's juss hiding'

I scooped up my daughter, who was perfectly fine, cooing and smiling, flapping her sleeves around and I took a deep breath.

I smiled/grimaced at my son.

'Please darling, don't pick Molly up, she's only very little and if you drop her you could really hurt her.'

'My know that Mummy! She juss wanted to play hiding and seek as well!!'

Dear Lord. Give me strength.

Butter wouldn't melt

And my phone camera has stopped working so I can only take selfies at the moment.  It's ridiculous.