14 Jun 2016


Today I visited one of the large shopping centres and spent half an hour hanging out in the parent room.  As breastfeeding mother's are wont to do.

Anyway, as I was changing Molly's bum, I noticed this delightful sign on the wall.

Pharmaceutical companies have got a lot of freaking nerve man!  Way to prey on a woman's sensitivities arseholes!  Imagine a new mother, feeling frumpy, tired, dealing with a newborn and feeling a bit shit about her baby weight, and she looks up from changing her baby and see's that?!

If you can't read it, here's a close up with my gorgeous, indignant face.

Diet and Exercise not enough?  Take some drugs that'll mess with your heart!
I've blogged about post baby body image before and you can catch up here if you like.  Women, actually, men AND women, it's not limited to sex, they don't need to see this stuff.


This may come as a surprise but guess what?!  People who are fat, know that they are fat!!  They know!!  They have to get up and see their fatness every damn day!  So seeing ads like this around, doesn't actually help anyone.  Fat people know what their options are, and if they don't, THEY'LL SPEAK TO THEIR DOCTOR, because that's what people do when they have a health issue, or google, but you get my drift.  They definitely don't need an ad on a bathroom wall to prompt them to do it. Or, if your Doctor is on the ball, they will say, hey, you're too fat, let's do something about it!!

My point is that, in this case, mother's struggling with wriggling baby's at the change station under the unflattering lighting of a large shopping centre do not need to see these ads, AND, as a fatty and a new mother I'm annoyed because this stupid ad is just another reason for me to feel shit about myself.  For all women to feel shit about themselves.

So thanks for that inova.

Thanks for ruining an otherwise lovely day.

You dicks.

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