4 Feb 2018

Week Five

I missed out on doing the hill this morning.  It threw off my whole day.  I was quite literally an unproductive blob.  Something about dragging my fat arse up a hill on a Sunday makes for a productive day.  I hope the week doesn't follow on from today's tone... but hooray for rain! 

We had our first full week of work and school and we survived... however, we did have takeaway.  And that shit me to frickin tears because I can't stand spending money on shit food, and I should have been more organised, note how I blame myself because I do 99% of the cooking... I can't even because I'll lose my shit so yeah, it's on me. 

Wednesday was not fantastic as I had to work a little bit later and didn't finish until after 5 but Thursday was worse as I was there until 5.30 and then had to pick up Molly and finally Mushroom as Juffin had a training thing.  I didn't get to the after school care until 5.50.  I started to tear up as I was driving down the road to get him thinking shit, I haven't seen this kid since 7.30 this morning.  Awful. 

And again, I know that people do it all the time but fuck, it sucks.

The cost is basically the same for dropping afterschool care and adding a daycare day.  My options are to drop 2 hours and work 4 days school hours and put Molly into daycare for an extra day, but Mushroom will still have to go to before school care on a Wednesday, or keep the same 3 full days and drop 2 hours and finish a little earlier so my afternoon isn't super hectic.

Plus side is that Mushroom loves after school care so at this point, rather than lose a home day, I'll just drop 2 hours and finish at 4.30pm every day.  This way I can still work the extra time if I have appointments etc and I don't lose my Molly days. 

Will see how we go...

I took Molly to the shop the other day so we could pick up some baking supplies and grab my mirena ready for next week.  As we were at the Chemist at Domain, I thought I'd duck into Specsavers and try on some glasses as I need some better ones for the drawer at work.  Do you think that my daughter would co-operate with sitting in her pram without screaming for 2 minutes?  No.  No she did not. I cannot get anything done with her at the moment.  She is beyond painful. 
Our Mum's the best!
At nap time now she gets out of bed and knocks on her door yelling out Hello Hello Molly's here.  Knock knock!  On Friday it took her over an hour to settle so, you guessed it, by the time 2.50 rolls around she's still out to it and I have to wake her up to go and get Mushroom.  I thought of getting my elderly neighbour to just come over and sit on the couch for 10 while I collect Mushroom.  It might seriously be a plan. 

Juffin has been making lunches thank God and he put some clothes away...

I managed to make a cake that I was being paid to make without losing my mind, though it was touch and go there for a while.  I was in way over my head and will be sticking to cupcakes from now on.  I just don't have the creative flair and skill required for really pretty, technical cakes.  Fondant is not my friend.  I think it turned out ok, she seemed happy with it.  I just know that it wasn't what she wanted but I just couldn't deliver. 

I sold the cot and change table this morning so that's finally gone and we have some more casheroni for the sister's wedding fund!  A successful facebook sale with the buyer showing up at the time allocated, with cash and taking it away.  Wonders will never cease! 

I refused to buy food this week as our freezer is stocked and pantry pretty great, but we keep running out of stuff an its annoying me.  I went to make muffins today and there was no self raising flour left and my flour tub fits nearly 4 kg in there and we were out!  Obviously I improvised with some plain and baking powder but damn.  I may have to shop after all.  Stupid groceries and their ever increasing prices.

There were some incidences with a huntsman spider/s, we think there are two, I sliced my ankle open on the screen door trying to drag a mattress outside that Molly had emptied 300mls of water onto... Juffin's helpful comment of, well it was good that it's only water, didn't make me feel any better... ps fuck off with your unhelpful comment, and a water park visit (of which I took zero photo's.. so unlike me!)

I started Black Mirror on Netflix, listened to DZ Deathrays a lot this week and also got stuck into my new book Taboo by Kim Scott.  Here's to spending more time relaxing without a screen in front of my face. Especially after watching Black Mirror... dayum! 

I have my mirena in on Wednesday and my Mum comes for a day or two.  Bit excited!!  Need to get wine... hahahah!   

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