18 Feb 2018

Week Seven

It's been hotter than the ninth realm of hell here this week.

Like apocalyptically hot.

I've been doing my evening workouts after 9pm because in the afternoon it's still over 30c and I can't seem to get my butt out of bed before 6 on a weekday.

Inside crafting activity-facial hair
When it's this hot, life is infinitely harder and whilst I love taking my kids outside and getting to the park etc, it feels like actual torture. So we've been cooped up inside watching movies, playing with playdough and drawing.

Suddenly my kids love drawing.

It's really bizarre. 

I bought them both some cheap scrapbooks from Kmart and they've filled the pages with all sorts of pictures.  Molly's don't have much form, big circles and squiggles but Mushroom has been drawing people, objects and lots of different animals.  This week for show and tell they had to draw an animal and explain what it needs to survive.  He drew a lobster. 

For real.

This is it.


Did you know that lobsters have teeth but they're inside their stomach?  Fuck.  Neither did I.  I had to do some research re lobsters because other than being a crustacean I had no fucking idea. 

Having a child at school is teaching me things.

He seems to be loving school now, though it can be a bit boring Mum, so hopefully the love affair continues.... bahahaha. Is anything in parenting stable? 

Also on school, who's kid is in the yellow house? 


The yellow house should be banned from being a house colour at schools. They should only have dark colours. 

Purple, black, blue, green, red.. these are fine.  Yellow?  No fucking way.

You should see the state of his shirt and he's only worn it 4 times.  It's absolutely impossible to keep a yellow shirt on a five year old clean.

He wears this shirt once a week and look at it.

 Ban Yellow House!

Just LOOK! 

I soak this fucking thing in napisan, spot treat it and it still looks like this!  I'm not letting him wear it anymore.  I know that it's cooler than the polo but legit looks like he just rolled around in dirt in it and that's straight out of the washing machine. 

And don't even get me started on the white socks!  O M G!

What do they do?  Roll their ankles around in the mud?! 

I changed up our menu at home a bit this week and made mongolian beef, which everyone gobbled.  It's nice when you don't get I don't like it, this is yuck Mum, after you slave away for 40 minutes trying to find something that four different people might enjoy eating, that isn't pasta. 

I also tried changing up the lunchbox snacks and made apple muffins last week and that's been a big fat fail.  Everyone enjoyed them warm from the oven but nobody seemed fussed in the lunchbox so guess what, banana fucking muffins it is! 

Healthy snacks 

I prepped myself some bean dip and some hummus and have kept on track with the snacks this week, although I keep forgetting to buy lettuce or baby spinach so my salads have been a bit light on... hahah.  I don't seem to have the capacity for memory anymore and missed an appointment at Specsavers despite receiving a reminder text on my phone the day before.... brain is clearly fried and probably due to my girl child.  

Molly has been all over the place with her night time sleeping the last week or so and I am missing shut-eye desperately.  I had to have a nap today. 

Last night was probably the worst night in a while and it didn't help that I went out and got home late and that's when she started.  We administered drugs but she took ages to calm and then, of course, the other one woke up so I had to go and deal with him before getting back to bed to spend a restless night listening to her sobbing in her sleep and trying not to roll over on top of her.

My alarm went off at 4.45am to do the hill and I felt like vomiting but I made myself get up and go.  Everyone was sleeping quietly when I left but I teed up some more drugs in case she woke up again.

I don't cope well with being tired but Juffin, Juffin is a million times worse. He woke up this morning, saw that I was gone and decided to ring me on the hill to yell at me for leaving him all alone to deal with our sick daughter and wouldn't it be nice to get a good night's sleep in the spare bed.... I was flabbergasted.  I didn't sleep in the fucking spare bed at all!  I settled Mushroom and went back to our bed where I also dozed in and out and got kicked in the guts by the sobbing tiny girl that we made together.

Funny that men don't remember these things. 

I wish I'd slept in the fucking spare bed.

I may have said some choice words. 

Ok definitely said some choice words but Jesus.  If she was that sick, I wouldn't have done the damn hill. 

I got home and she was still pretty miserable but shovelling banana into her face so I wasn't convinced that she was really that ill.  I called house call doctor, apparently he tried but was just on hold for ages... (no fucking comment).  I sorted kids out, told cranky guts to go back to bed, and had a shower and a much needed coffee.  I then had my smashed avo and feta on sourdough which Molly decided to get in on, and then played dead on the couch whilst the kids watched ABC kids and we waited for the Doctor.

Doctor finally arrives, checks her over and says there's nothing obviously wrong with her and she's now been napping for nearly 4 hours.

Tonight is going to be F U N!