22 Jan 2013

3 months!

We made it.  3 magical, terrifying, surprising, roller coaster months.

I have no idea how I survived, let alone the Mushroom.  I'm certainly not receiving any parenting awards.  Let's go over some of the highlights:

3 days old 

  • Mushroom comes home from hospital and promptly sleeps for 2 weeks straight.  Parents are in heaven and have no idea what this bullshit blather about newborns being difficult carry on is all about.  Until the 3 week mark.  Welcome to hell. 
  • Mushroom's Mummy cries alot and thinks she has PND but apparently there's something called the baby blues.  That and exhaustion.  And hormones.  And a life altering event.  Yeah that'll do it. 
  • Mushroom gets cuter by the second and I'm offended by everyone's evident surprise BECAUSE he is so cute.  What?  I'm not cute?  The Juffin isn't cute?  Geez people!  We're cute, and so is our damn baby! 
  • I go crazy with the camera phone and take a million photos a day capturing above mentioned cuteness, then try to only post one photo on facebook a day.  The rest I text to family and friends.  Yep.  Lame. 
  • The Mushroom pees and poos constantly.  He's like a constant pooping/peeing machine.  To date he has pooed everywhere except the bath.  Now that I wrote that, guess what will happen?  Lucky Daddy does bath time (insert evil laugh here)
  • You'd think all that pooing and peeing would tire out a little person but sleep eludes us.  We introduce a bedtime routine which works a treat.  Day times, not so much.  Mushroom's Mummy is reaching epically high stress levels.  
  • We get the hang of breastfeeding in no time at all and I'm suddenly a pro.  Eating my breakfast and drinking a cup of juice whilst feeding, folding washing with one hand whilst feeding, wearing a sling and feeding whilst doing all amount of other crazy house work crap.  Just call me super Mum. 
  • The Juffin does Daddy Day Care so well and gets the Mushroom to sleep for 3 hours I consider going back to work so he can stay home with him!  
  • The Mushroom's first little smile is priceless.  I immediately want to have ten thousand more baby's.  
  • I get myself so worked up about the sleep situation that I waste entire days fighting it out with him in the bedroom instead of enjoying him and playing.  So now that's what we do.  Because life's too short.  
  • Over the last 2 weeks, the Mushroom's personality has started to emerge.  He's obnoxious and loud and won't stop chatting.  I wonder which parent that sounds like?  Heaven help me. 

3 months old 
I know that everyone says it, but I honestly can't believe that the last 3 months have passed so quickly.  Some days I feel like I blink and it's 5 o'clock.  I still have crippling attacks of self doubt but they're getting fewer and farther between.  I'm trying to embrace by instincts and go with it, hopefully I don't f him up too badly!