14 Jan 2013

Rolling, rolling, rolling!

I just realised how boring my blog has become of late.. baby won't sleep, blah blah blah.  So New Year's Resolution: stop writing about crappy shit and start regaling you with tales of wonderment and joy!

So here goes, last week the Mushroom rolled over.  And I fucking missed it.  Douche.

It went like this:

I plopped Mushroom down on his play mat in the lounge in the afternoon both of us chatting away, me telling him what I was going to make for dinner and him agreeing enthusiastically at my culinary choice and gesticulating wildly.  I pop him down under his jungle animals switch the lights and music on and head to teh kitchen, mere centimetres away.  He's still chatting away and I'm all 'oh really?  Is that right little man?' whilst I start cleaning up the bombsite of a kitchen sporadically sticking my head around the corner to check on him.  He's gooing and gaaing and carrying on and then commences the grunt.

The grunting started a little while ago. Whilst the Mushroom does what can only be described as a baby situp, pulling his head down to his chest and the legs stuck out straight and pushes his bum to the ceiling, effectively doing a crunch. This is accompanied by huge 'UHH.  NUHHH.  GRUHHH!'  Over and over again until he gets sick of it, getting all sweaty but remaining on his back.  I can only imagine that he is trying to get somewhere and it's not happening.  Obviously mega frustrating.  To aid in his attempt to journey from the confines of his mat, he has started using the posts at the edge of the mat as leverage and tries to kick off from there.  Exactly what he's trying to achieve is beyond human understanding but it's humorous to watch and he seems to have a good time sit-upping and grunting  for 10 minutes before screaming in tiredness/frustration/boredom.  

For all you Judgey McJudgeholes I'm usually right down there with the Mushroom playing with him and encouraging his little journey on with claps and sounds of adoration and praise but in the late afternoon I take the time to get some dinner prep started so it's at least half done by the time I put him to bed.  Mummy can't be in his face all the time!

So there I am rooting around in the fridge asking the Mushroom what we should have for tea and I hear a scream.  Not a 'Stop looking at me Cookie Monster' hanging from the mat scream but a 'I need you Mummy come here!' scream.  I slam the fridge door and race around the corner to find the Mushroom crying his eyes out on his tummy.  Yes.  He has finally managed to roll over, scaring himself shitless in the process. And I missed the whole thing.   I scoop him up and tell him how awesome he his, cuddling him and kissing his little tear streaked face and he calms down straight away, smiling and gurgling at me but when I try to put him down again so he can show me how he did it, meltdown.  Sigh.  No dinner prep tonight and Mummy missed the first roll!

I tried not to beat myself up about it, telling myself that he'll do it again soon.  But has he repeated this little achievement?  No.  Am I now thinking that it didn't even happen?  Yes.  I have even left him on his mat, telling him that I'm going to get dinner ready and pretended to go away, but actually hidden behind the couch in case he just had stage fright and does it again, but nothing.  More grunting, shunting along on his back and spinning around.  Damn uncooperative baby!

"Does my bum look big in this?!" 

Next time: Hopefully he's rolled over again and I will have seen it!