8 Aug 2013


I have many excuses for my lack of posting of late.  Some of these include the following:

  • I work now, that takes up my mornings.  Being a Mum and working is hard. 
  • My day seems to disappear rather quickly.  By the time I think about blogging I'm tucked up in bed barely able to keep my eyelids open long enough to turn the lamp off. 
  • The Mushroom demands my attention 24/7 so if he's awake then I'm chasing after him to make sure he doesn't kill himself.  Possible causes of death include: electrocution, choking on any number of items (plastic bags mostly, have no idea where he gets them as I do regular sweeps to make sure there's none around but alas), death by stinky shoe eating, salmonella (eating bits of crusty what I assume must be food off the floor but is no longer recognisable to human eye), head injury (trying to move too fast for his little arms and faceplanting the tiles), crushed by books (started pulling all our books off the shelf and we have many) etc etc blah blah blah you get the picture.  Everything is a hazard.   
  • I couldn't be bothered.
  • I downloaded the Tetris app on my phone so that takes up a lot of my previous blogging time.

    Ok the last two were probably the most legitimate reasons.  Sad, I know. I'm addicted to Tetris and I just couldn't be bothered blogging.  Even more sad is that I haven't had any complaints as yet but here's an update for those readers who have been wondering what the hell has been going on!    

    My Mushroom is now around 8.75kg, I haven't been able to measure how long he is yet as he just won't stay still long enough and I'm always by myself when I try to do it.  We have abandoned trying to use the change table and now just do it on the floor, not as dangerous and much less stressful for me!  He is babbling constantly, saying Dad Dad Dad a lot, zooming around on hands and knees, trying to stand independently and needs to be upright at every opportunity which can be very annoying/dangerous when I'm trying to cook dinner!  He is sleeping much better, breastfeeding a lot less, eating lots of different food and generally being the bestest, baddest Mushroom on the block.  He spends his mornings with his Meme on Monday and Thursday, family daycare on Tuesday and Wednesday's and Friday mornings are Juffin and Mushroom time.

    The weeks are flying by and my days as a stay at home mum are just a fond distant memory.  The thought of returning to work filled me with dread and anxiety initially but I find I'm a lot more organised now and seem to be getting shit done.  Obviously the downside is missing out on spending time with my boy, but he also seems to be adjusting just fine.  He's been extra clingy on Wednesday's when we have an early start but hopefully this will pass soon.  If I put down all the things I miss about staying home with the Mushroom I'll start crying like I did last night watching Offspring and I'll end up with an aching head, puffy face and eyes that look like pillows.  Like everyone else in the universe, if I could work out a way I could stay at home and make enough money then I'd be doing that.  But I can't.  Sob.

    Mushroom - 9 months 

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