9 Aug 2013

Tired out

This afternoon after I got home from work, the Mushroom and I did some laundry, chased a ball around the lounge, looked at the dishes in the sink then decided to have a sleep.

Sleeping Mushroom Lion 
I find that if we both have a little nap together he will sleep a little longer and I can catch up on some zz's as we're still waiting on the top teeth to come down and I think they're causing some havoc as we're having a few more wakeups but will settle quite quickly with a few cuddles. Hooray!

Ridiculously we slept until 5.  That was a 2 hour sleep.  Juffin must have worn him out this morning by getting him to work on cars or something.  He's now up and full of beans when his bedtime is 6.45pm.  Whoops.   Oh well, it's Friday night.

Also any tips on how to get the Mushroom to stop wanting to climb all over me whilst on the toilet?  This afternoon I was trying to do my 'bidness' and I had a very unwelcome visitor who wanted to get up on my lap, um, no dude.  Toilet time is for Mummy's only.  I have tried to shut the door on him but he just screams outside it until I open it and I mean scream, my boy's got some lungs... the joys of motherhood.