31 Aug 2013


The Mushroom has done four adult sized turds today.


What the hell is going on?

Last count the boy only weighed 8.47kg (two weeks ago) I think today alone he has lost a kilo in poo.

To reiterate, he's not sick.  It's not diarrhea, it's actual solid, sticky, stinky poop.  And it's disgusting.  And it stinks to high heaven.  And now my whole bloody house has this faint pooey odour.  It's seeping down from the laundry and permeating through the entire house.

Couple this with a man who refuses to shit in the toilet and keeps doing number two's in the ensuite, making no escape from the poo smell in the bedroom either.

I keep going to have a chew on my fingernails and then realise there's probably crap under there that I can't see.


How someone this cute make such disgusting messes in his pants?  
I am beat.  I'm hoping that tomorrow is a poo free day just to make up for today.