29 Aug 2013

Bad Mother

My sister turns 30 next month.  I'm so excited.  There's just one catch.  She lives 1300km away.  This means I have to fly down to the big smoke to celebrate with her for her birthday.  Big deal, you may say.  And it's not really but we're always tight on cash, so that's why I've decided to do a 24 hour stop and go, BY MYSELF, so I can go and see her and celebrate with the family.  Does this make me a bad mother?

My plan is to fly out of Townsville at 12ish, get into Brisbane at 2ish.  Meet up with the family, head to the Gold Coast, have a great night out, brunch in the morning then back to the airport and fly out at 2 to be back home by 4pm Sunday.  Can I do it?  Can Juffin do it?

As I'm still breastfeeding, I'll take the trusty Medela with me and express when I can so I can keep my milk supply up and make sure the Mushroom has plenty for the 24 hours I'm away.  It really shouldn't be an issue as he'll be 11 months and eats lots of food but I just keep thinking of all the things that can go wrong, which is me all over.  The Juffin has assured me he'll be fine, and he did do a whole afternoon and evening alone last weekend when I was at a work conference thing, but my concern is mainly being so far away.

What are your thoughts?  Am I a bad mother?  Should I just pay the extra $500 odd to have them come with me, or just suck it up and go?  I know that I will be thinking of them the whole time, but I would if they were there anyway................

Could you leave this face for 24 hours?!