3 Sep 2013


I'm at the end of a very long day. And I have to be up at 5.30 tomorrow morning to get to work by 8.  But I just had to share this.

Mushroom's Lunchbox 
I love packing my boy's lunchbox.  I mean I love food.  But I love putting all those yummy little things in his little lunchbox for him to munch on the next day.

From the top left going clockwise we have an avocado and vegemite sandwich (only one piece of bread), baby carrot and apple rice cakes, yoghurt with a cut up strawberry, a veggie and cheese muffin (homemade of course!), half a banana and some tuna fish and spinach cakes leftover from tonight's dinner.

Juffin is jealous.  I don't pack him a lunchbox.

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