17 Sep 2013


This is what my Mushroom does at meal times. 

And this was nothing.  Last night (I can't believe I didn't photograph it!) I had to take the damn highchair outside and hose it off.  HOSE IT!! There were bits of smushed up chickpea fritters every where! 

You can even see in this photo that a bit of food has hit the blind.  That white stuff is yoghurt. Yoghurt on the blinds.  Along with dust and crap but that I can ignore.  Yoghurt I cannot.  I even see some sweet potato on the skirting boards. 

Embarrassingly, my house is a pigsty.  I am no super mum.  I am flat out getting dinner ready these days and I only work part time.  I would literally die if I worked full time.  The Juffin is getting the shits with how messy the place is, but I don't see him jumping up to do anything as I sit here typing up my blog.  See, clearly a shit housewife as would rather blog than tidy up squalor. 

The list of things to do around the place is endless.  There is a literal mountain of clean clothes covering one of the couches (at least it's clean right?!), a load of nappies in the machine waiting to be hung out, dishes on the sink, spiders spinning webs up in the corners, the fans are ineffective at fanning as they have so much dust on them, the lawns are dead and the floor is a sticky, grotty mess.  We are disgusting. 

And this is how much I care...

See, that?  Exactly.  There was nothing there.  Could not give two shits. 

Yay for squalor and pigstyery.  Wow.  I just tried to use pigstyery as an adjective... perhaps the filth is affecting my brain?!