12 Feb 2016

Breakfast Convos - 2

Eating weetbix. I'm drinking coffee.

Me: What do you want to do today?

Mushroom: Stay HOME!

Me: Really? You want to stay home? I thought we could go to the waterpark.

Mushroom: YESSS! Waterpark!

I smile to myself.

Mushroom: Actually.

Eats more weetbix.

Let's go to the moon.

Me: The moon?

I'm incredulous.

How will we get to the moon?

I'm met with a LOOK. You know the 'you really are an f-ing idiot Mum' look.

Mushroom: A ROCKET

Like duh?!

Me: But we don't have a rocket.

Mushroom: (exhaling deeply) We'll BUILD ONE.

Oh of course. I'm so stupid.

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