25 Feb 2016


I love music. Always have. In highschool I would have keeled over before admitting that I liked anything played on commercial radio. Such a snob.

Nowadays I'm a bit more open-minded. I may have added a bloody Biebs song to Juffin's Spotify playlist, but I'm admitting to nothing and I'm pretty sure he hasn't noticed yet.

In my old age I've definitely expanded my listening to include things other than loud, grungey rock and industrial blah blah whatever that genre was called. I find myself singing along to things my 15 year old self would murder me for. Ah, the elitism of youth.

Sadly, I find myself listening to specific artists or bands less and less and mostly just listen to the radio. Or random Spotify playlist. And this makes me terribly sad. I definitely don't get as excited about music anymore and can't actually remember the last time I bought an album or counted down the days until so and so's new album came out. Pathetic really. Desperate times indeed. I'm actually sad just writing these words!

So here I am. 33 weeks pregnant and trying to mentally prepare for what's coming. My midwife suggested I get a playlist together to play during labour and I'm looking for some inspo. I definitely don't want wanky whale music or anything with panpipes but some Fleetwood Mac and RHCP may be required.

Hit me with some tunes my friends. Songs that make you feel good, motivate you, something that will make me smile and take me away from where I am... Old faves and new bangers. I'm open. I'm down. Come at me!