7 Apr 2016


According to my calculations, I'm 39 weeks tomorrow.

According to scans, midwife and GP, I'm 38+4 tomorrow.

Honestly, a difference of 3 days! How can that be a thing? Who cares?!

Today I had my midwife appointment and Baby Beet is engaged. Not engaged to be married, engaged to my pelvis.

And still posterior.

Stupid baby.

4/5 engaged either means that the head is only 1 fifth in or 4 out of 5 fifths in.  I looked it up and Google confused the crap out of me.  I'm heavily pregnant and rubbish at maths but what we can take from this is that baby is head down and right up in there.

Then lovely midwife said so it could be any day now and I literally nearly shit my pants.

Huh?! What?! ANY DAY NOW? Are you kidding me?  I'm not ready! I thought I had a week, maybe two.  I literally can't do this! I need 15 more years to prepare!!

After having a mini meltdown and delivering some cupcakes that I made earlier, I then spent the afternoon and evening in various flattering positions which involved me putting my knees on the floor and my arse to the sky so baby will stop being a douche and turn around.

Bum up on bed

Face down on ball

I have also put the last few items like nappies in the hospital bag, and it now looks like I'm going overseas for many months.

Sadly I am not going overseas for many months.  I'm attempting to push a baby out of my vagina again and I have no idea why. As for the contents of the bag, it's all essential. I promise. And there's mine and baby's stuff in there.

Whatever, I don't have to explain myself to you!

So I guess this is it. Now that we're thinking it's happening soon I'll bet you a zillion dollars that nothing will.

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