11 Apr 2016


I have a serious case of the Monday's today.

Last night I stayed up watching Heston Blumenthal, because I love him, then having existential conversations with Juffin about Interstellar and who put the tessaract inside the wormhole for Coop to find... seriously.  Watch Interstellar.  I've seen it 5 times now and I still don't get it but McConaughey is the best in it.

Anyway, stayed up far too late then decided to eat a bowl of chocolate mousse and leftover roast beef at midnight before yelling at Juffin to go to bed.

On Saturday night I was up half the night with braxton hicks and I honestly thought I was going into labour. Mushroom came into our bed at some point and commenced Operation Kick Mum's Butt so that combined with less than 5 hours sleep last night has made me one tired and cranky Mama.

I've also had a sore throat and a cough for four days and my motivation has gone out the window.  My head is killing me and I coughed so much earlier that a little pee came out.  Yep.  I pissed myself.  
This morning we all slept in until nearly 8am and it was frantic mad dash to get to the pool for swimming lessons at 9.  I didn't even have a shower.  As I was dashing around trying to get shit sorted, I decided that instead of laying around here we should play at the pool for a couple of hours so started shoving stuff into a bag. Poor toddler is being neglected by my laziness.

When we came home I literally lay down for two minutes and managed to pass out for an hour.  Of course during this time the Mushroom raided the fridge and ate all the lollies that he could find.  He then promptly shat his pants.  First time in a week.

Monday can get f'ed.

Could I get any bigger?!

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