1 Apr 2016


38 weeks today and the countdown is officially on as I started Maternity Leave this week.

So what have I achieved in my week I hear you ask?   And no, I did not just vegetate and watch endless hours of Netflix.  I was surprisingly productive, and I'd say that I was pretty damn awesome! My weekly achieved task list looks something like this: 
  • Stripped and sanitised all of the Mushroom's old nappies so they're ready to go. 
  • Washed, hung, brought in, folded and PUT AWAY washing, EVERY. SINGLE, DAY!  I cannot even close my underwear drawers properly because they are so freaking full!! 
  • Cleaned all the skirting boards in the house. 
  • Wiped down the walls in the lounge room, bedroom, hallway and living.  
  • Had stellar house inspection with new property manager.  
  • Cleaned out bathroom. 
  • Threw out all old make-up, sorted towels and sheets, and set up clothes shelf for baby.  
  • Watched Suits Season 4 (it was only 10 episodes and I'm feeling pretty fucking ripped off). This was on whilst wall wiping and skirting board cleaning was going on!    
  • Packed hospital bag for myself and Baby Beet.  
  • Shopped and purchased new bath mat for the Mushroom so he can start having showers in his own bathroom again. 
  • Sourced and bought snappis for the flat nappies online. 
  • Scored bulk bargains at Big W on clothes for myself. 
  • Pre- baby waxing done... And no, I did not go to Brazil again.  Once was enough!  
  • Weekly midwife appointment. 
  • Purchased last minute baby attire and breastfeeding friendly crop tops for myself.  
  • Organised and had plumber attend residence to fix busted ensuite toilet and leaky taps.  Hooray for only having to stumble 1 metre to pee in the middle of the night instead of 5!  
  • Painted nails three times - blue, orange and now 'barely there'. Yes, that's a colour. 
I know, I know, I'm totally awesome and amazing.  I must say, that I do feel pretty proud of myself.  I'm a serial procrastinator so to even achieve half of this shit in three days is pretty stupendous of me!  

Of course the Mushroom was at daycare for two of those days and my MIL for one, so you know, it's kinda cheating.  He drops back to one daycare day as of next week.  I'm actually a bit nervous about how I'm going to keep him entertained.  I'm not very good at this stay at home Mum thing but I'm sure we'll muddle through.  I am hoping to start cooking up a storm next week and fill the freezer and he loves helping in the kitchen so fingers crossed he'll enjoy that.  He still spends Tuesday's with his grandmother and we will keep that to keep it consistent for him, and then continue at Kindy on Thursday's... I feel bad taking him out when he loves it so much but money don't grow on trees and there's no reason why he can't be home with me so we can drive each other batshit crazy!  

Anyway... 38 weeks.  Fark me! Is it normal to start freaking out a little bit?  

Last day selfie - look at that grimace!

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