17 Nov 2017

Weekly Wrap 17/11

And just like that, it's Friday again.

This week I decided enough was enough and started eating well, exercising and tracking my food. I kept saying that I would start again in the new year, but why?  What's wrong with now?  I could continue to complain about being time poor, tired, and grumpy but there's no point unless I do something about it.

So I did.

It's only been 5 days, but I'm keeping myself honest and accountable.  It's a step in the right direction.

See what I did there?

It should also be recorded that tonight we had homemade pumpkin soup and I didn't eat any bread. That's right.  No bread.  I deserve a fucking medal.  Obviously I've lost 35kg already...

Mushroom and I continue to butt heads as whilst I wouldn't say he is a badly behaved child, I'm struggling to keep my temper when I have to repeat myself 17000 times. And I know that yelling doesn't solve anything but it actually feels like the only time he'll listen!

We had a little chat this afternoon and I apologised for being cranky and yelling and he apologised for not listening, but let's be honest, it'll stay in his brain for 2 seconds and he'll be back to ignoring me again.  I think it's more about not wanting to do what I'm asking him and being totally distracted by everything around him... like his father.  I did tell him that life is mostly just doing things that you don't want to do and he looked at me with his cute little face and said I don't wanna do that life.  I may have been shook.... What is it about 5 years old being so profound?

And yes I just said shook.  Total trendite.

Telling me that I'm wrong... again!
He's also an insufferable know it all which drives me absolutely bonkers.  I have this disorder where I can't just let people be wrong and feel that I have to correct them (sorry Tara!) but Mushroom literally yells at me and argues his totally incorrect point.  I could let it go but clearly I'm right and he's wrong and that will never ever happen in this universe.  I mean honestly, pick your battles Jess, but I just can't seem to let the little turd have the last word.

Obviously we both need to do some work in these areas but he needs to start paying attention and listening so he can set a better example for his sister as she's always copying him.... Speaking of Molly, let's talk about her for a second because at present it's like this:


Molly has morphed into total toddler terror!!  Mushroom was bad, but I'm pretty sure Molly has him trumped. I don't remember him being this turd-like.  The Santa parade was at Willows yesterday and I just couldn't bring myself to take the kids because trying to deal with her in those crowds was just too much for this Mama to handle!

Her latest MO is getting all the tea towels out of the drawer and draping them over things saying "BANKET" (blanket).  Apparently the coffee table, step stool, and a half eaten apple need a blanket.   I didn't even know that owned that many tea towels!

I have given up tidying after her as she's a bloody tornado.  There are tea towels everywhere.  And lego.  She loves Mushroom's lego, especially the little lego men. She likes taking their hats/helmets/hair off and putting them back on.  Cute but standing on a tiny lego space helmet is not fucking cute, let me tell you.

"Mushroom, can you please pick up all this lego?"
"It wasn't me, it was Molly!"
"I know, but I asked you to do it..." and then I whisper to myself, "as if she's going to clean it up FFS!"
Who could stay mad
at that face? 

Molly has also taken to throwing food all over the floor.  Every. Single. Meal.  We eat outside on the patio alot now because at least the birds will come and clean that up.  I can't even deal.  I find bits of food EVERYWHERE.

"Please stop doing that Molly, please don't throw food on the floor. Food is for eating, if you don't want it, please put it on your plate.  Please Molly, PUHLEASE!"

And then she takes my request, processes it, looks at my face, takes her food, swings her tiny arm and throws that shit on the fucking floor. And then she laughs in my face.


She finds Max's markers and draws on the floor, our bed, the chairs, the bloody WALLS (they're washable but so not the fucking point)!
Bedroom carpet - defaced

"Molly, floors are not for drawing.  Walls are not for drawing.  Mummy and Daddy's bed is not for drawing. What do we draw on?"


Continues to scribble on pantry cupboard door.

*throws hands in the air*

All she wants to eat at present is cake, strawberries or mango.  I mean, I hear you sista girl, all those things are super delish, but in no way is that a balanced diet.  Of course when I say no she throws herself on the floor and body cries.  You know, the type of crying where your whole body shakes because your life is over.  Because your Mum wouldn't let you eat the second punnet of strawberries that cost her $4.50. I wish I had her problems...

Other news this week, I ordered matching cheesy Christmas outfits for the children, some douche threw a chocolate milk out of the window of his car and it went all over mine, I started researching the possibility of having surgery in Brisbane, Veronica Mars started streaming on Stan today, I finally did the floors but Kmart's mop bucket is total shite, and I have my work Christmas party tomorrow night!  Yeow!

Oh and today marks our 4 year engagement anniversary!  Maybe we'll get married soon!  Can't rush these things....