25 Nov 2017

Weekly Wrap 24/11

Aloha!  It's Friday!  And some douche canoe pointed out that there's only four Friday's until Christmas... FOUR!  Good lord.  Praise be to the toy catalogue. 

This week we've had to deal with sickness, hair knots, tantrums, defiant behaviour and manic mango consumption.

I wanted to stay in bed too buddy
I had to have Monday off work.  Mushroom started with the temperatures on Saturday and continued to go downhill.  By Monday he was burning up with more regularity and on his second day of no eating.  He'd been complaining of a sore throat and sounded like crap so I thought he'd best go to the Dr considering his Dad had tonsillitis the week before.  Honestly, the drama.  I had to wake him up to take his sister to daycare and fark me. You'd think I'd told him all his Lego was lost in a tragic, freak gasoline fight accident.


The Doctor cleared him of infectious disease but recommended rest and fluid so we spent a pretty quiet day sleeping, playing Lego and watching terrible Christmas movies. It was actually nice to spend some one on one time with him. It's pretty rare these days.  I'm going to miss my boy when he goes to school next year! 

I spent most of Sunday trying to wrangle with Octopus Molly who had managed to twist her hair into the mother of all knots. 

And I mean mother.

Sadly I didn't take a pic of the knot beforehand but I did take one of a similar knot a week earlier.  She's a twirler you see...

And this is what we were left with.  I should have just cut that fucker out.  I used argan oil and distracted her with the movie Tangled, appropriate I thought, to try and remove it but in the end it was just too bad.  Luckily you can't seem to tell that there's a whole chunk of hair missing on the right side of her head.  What a dingus.

Our bucket of mangoes finally gave up the goods and every day I've been privy to constant requests for mango, mango, mango, mango Mummy!  The little one stands at the fridge and screams for MANGO.  I love the mango too but these kids.   Holy! 

It's one of the only things that Mushroom would eat earlier in the week, aside from bananas, so I let him go a bit nuts. 

Mango is better than nothing at all right? 

And at least he can poo in the toilet and I don't have to wipe his arse! 

We had Molly up on Tuesday night screaming at 1am and when I raced in there she had spewed in her bed. 

Mango and yoghurt spew.


I could smell it from the hallway.  I then spent a good half hour changing sheets and cleaning up whilst Juffin fed her some paracetamol and gave her a drink. 

She was quite clever and sat up so didn't spew on herself but there's something about vomit.  It's cloying.  I've said it before but give me shit over vomit any damn day.

She managed to go back to bed just fine after that and I have to admit I was panicking a little at having to go back to the bloody Doctor with a different sick child and miss more work but Wednesday morning she was fine. 

The rest of the week passed by in a bit of a blur.  My good eating habits have continued and I've stayed on track however my exercise has not happened.  I have excuses, but none of them are good, so I won't bother.  Tomorrow is another day!  I am missing pasta but I'm not finding it too hard to stick with my meal plan so I know that I'm in the right head space.  Fingers crossed I can keep it up!

This morning Molly smashed a bottle of tamari sauce after pulling a box of shapes out of the cupboard.  I'd actually told the two of them to get out of the cupboard four times before said incident but as per usual it fell on deaf ears.  Whilst I was cleaning that shit up, she managed to remove every single wipe from the packet and threw them all over the lounge room. 

This was all before 8.15am and immediately followed me pouring my coffee. 

It was cold by the time I finished. 

Mum life am I right? 

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