15 Jan 2018

Week Two

I spent the last week frantically worrying about my big boy going to school and trying to get my shit together and order everything.

We got the booklist online but it still hasn't arrived.  I'm now confused as to where it ends up.  Do I have to pick it up from the school?  Will it get delivered to my house?  Is there some sort of pick up location?  I paid $13.95 for shipping FFS.  I got an email saying my order was being processed but that is literally it.  For nearly 3 weeks now we've heard nothing.  This school shit is stressing me out!

I went to the School Locker shop at Domain and after walking around for 5 minutes the helpful gentleman informed me that they don't stock his school's uniforms.

Of course you don't.

I went to get shoes and because it's a week before school the lovely sales attendant basically told me that there's fuck all shoes left in his size.

Of course there isn't.

He ended up getting some fabulous shoes because he's fabulous and fuck her, but seriously, he has Nike's and he's 5. Who even am I?

My amazing friend Tarra tagged me in a school uniform shop on facey so Juffin took the little one there and we finally got some shirts.

In a size 4 because the size 6s are sold out.

Of course they are.

I am over this school shit and it hasn't even begun.  He's going to a fucking public school for crying out loud and I think we've forked out nearly $500 already and there's still more to buy!  He needs a reader bag, a library bag, a house shirt, a hat... I need another job.  Or a rich husband.

To alleviate stress I've been exercising my fat arse off and posting sweaty selfies on instagram so I can get the love and encouragement that I deserve.

I took comparison pics of myself and literally cannot tell the difference despite having to go down a size in my work skirts.... I look exactly the same in each pic despite being months apart but as if I'm going to share them here!  Ain't nobody needing to see that!

Seriously though, it's hard work not succumbing to temptation and eating all the foods but I think my head is in the right space for once.  When you're as big as I am, the road is long and it seems pointless but hopefully I'm making long lasting, positive changes.  And setting a good example for my kids.  Here's to a healthier me in 2018!

I don't want to jinx myself and talk about Molly's sleeping here so I won't.

I've probably fucked it now.

I caught up with one of my nearest and dearest, kept up with the washing, cleaned out my makeup AND washed all the brushes, and ate some pretty fantastic pineapple.

My kids are healthy, work is good, Juffin seems happy.. what more do you need?

Always feasting - will miss our Tuesday's at the park :-(

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