22 Apr 2018

Week Sixteen

My kids are driving me batshit crazy.  They feed off of each other and the oldest one is so defiant. Won't listen, talks back, yells, riles his sister up, runs amok... I'm ready to pack in the towel.  I just walk around with the wooden spoon in my hand wielding it atop my head,  ready to strike at a moment's notice. 

Fuck. My. Life.

Several days ago, Tuesday, Wednesday, they're all the same, I threatened, on a whim, to remove everything from my son's room except his bed.  Toys, books. lego, puzzles.. you name it, the whole lot.  Now I think I'll actually have to follow through and there's so much stuff in his fucking room that the whole thing was a bullshit idea and I really am the worse Mum ever. I should never have said it in the first place but I can't take it back.

Why is it when our kids are misbehaving, that we feel like we're the worst parents in the world?  I thought I was an okay Mum but lately, not so much.  One must soldier on...


School went back this week, can I get an AMEN?!  I totally didn't know about the pupil free day on Monday until the last week of holidays so had to do some begging to the MIL.  I think she was relieved to only have one.

Mushroom seems to have settled back into school quite well but doesn't seem keen on his fave friend from last term anymore.  He won't tell me what happened, just that they're not friends anymore.  The boy in question still says hello every morning and seems keen to talk to Mushroom, but he's being stone cold.  It really does break your heart when you see/hear this shit but obviously it's just life. I've explained to him that you can have lots of different friends and even if you don't play every day, you can still be mates.  I mean, they're 5.  He doesn't seem short on friends so far, so hopefully he'll muddle his way through.

He had his Fun Run this week, it was postponed due to rain from last term.  Of course I was there in my giant sun hat, and no-one else in stupid Nth Qld was wearing one.  What's wrong with people?!  Anyway, they had to run 650m and watching their tiny little legs run that distance was exhausting.  Mushroom didn't come close to winning but I think he ran most of the way, and he was pretty stoked with his ice block afterwards.  His house did actually win on the day so he was telling everyone he won which wasn't a blatant lie.... my son the storyteller.  No idea where he gets that from?!

Molly has taken to removing her nappy after sleep time and then defecating on her bed.  Yes.  She shits on her bed.  It's happened twice now in 3 days and it's a veritable shit show.

Why is she doing this?  Why now?  We're almost bloody toilet trained FFS

She's killing me.

At least Juffin was home to deal with the aftermath today.  And she doesn't play in it.  Just squats and poops.  Good God.

We went to the park on Tuesday so I could wear her out, and I managed to get her off the swing for 3 minutes in total.

Any other Mum's just spend all their time pushing the damn swing?

I've been doing well with my exercise again this week but food has been hit and miss. Need to tighten the reigns, so to speak, and start being strict again.  I'm nowhere near where I should be after all this time due to bad food choices.  At least I seem to have gotten into a groove with the exercise thing, small mercies!

Hooray for fitting into smaller pants! 

My new salties arrived, along with my much needed new work shoes, but I still have to buy some decent walking shoes.  Who likes buying practical things?!

I discovered how to use Insta stories and have spammed all my friends and followers ceaselessly over the weekend.

I would apologise but I'll probably keep doing it.  I love the socials.  Total social whore.

Aside from attending a million birthday parties, and watching my kids ingest an abhorrent amount of sugar, the shoe thing, and starting a new book, I don't have much else to report. We're busy trying to get a few ducks in a row here, hoping to make a big purchase soon, so fingers crossed that all works out and goes smoothly.

Now that I've talked about it, you know it won't.


And on that note, I'll end with this astounding fact, my rents celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary yesterday.  39 years!  They also really like each other and hang out and do stuff together all the time.  It's a bit cute and sickening.  Happy Anniversary Muzz and Colls.  Love you!

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