8 Apr 2018

Week Fourteen

I did it you guys!  I did 30 minutes of exercise for 30 damn days in a row!  I'm amazing! 

What is amazing is that how amazed I am at myself for even managing to stick to that shit.

Look at my dumb, sweaty face! 

And guess what?

I lost and gained 2.5kg in 30 days. 


What a rort!


I feel better.  I look better.  My fitness has improved.  And I think I'm less cranky.

Though after this weekend, Juffin and the kids may disagree...

We had an up and down week.  Juffin had a few days off due to school holidays and I had my usual days off and I think that this messed with the kids and their routine a little bit.  That and succumbing to illness as soon as the holidays hit. 

Both have had high temps, coughs and snotty noses.  Juffin took them both to the Dr on Wednesday and it was the usual undisclosed virus.  What can you do? Nothing.  They seemed to rally quite quickly but we still have snot.

And coughs.

And attitude. 

Molly had holiday days off from daycare also so we've all been in each other's faces all week.  Aside from Tuesday when I took them both to their grandmother's house so I could do the floors and lay on the couch. 

She's has stellar days with the toilet training and has zero accidents and then follows it up with pissy pants all day long!  I don't understand it!  We will persevere and hopefully things will click soon.  I'm sick of washing damn nappies.

Here she is having a moment in the trolley on Friday.  It was a tough time for everyone.  Shopping with two children is really my limit.  I struggled to keep my shit together and they mostly didn't. 

Fun times!

I had fun with Mushroom making slime.  Our first batch wasn't awesome, but the next batch was more than satisfactory.  I think I'm a bit awesome now.  Just saying...

It's actually really relaxing playing with it. I kinda like it.

Caution, period talk coming up... Since having the mirena in.  I've had my period twice. In a month.  Which is a bit shit.  It also lasts for over 10 days.  Which is majorly shit.  I'm trying to be positive and trust the process, so fingers crossed this bullshit doesn't carry on for 6 months.  I'm pretty sure that my body is a bit stupid however, as I had no breaks from periods after child birth, despite breastfeeding both my kids on demand, and when I started taking the mini pill again, my periods were all over the show for months. 

What I'm trying to say, is that it's normal and I just have to trust that it will all settle down and sort itself out.


In preparation, I've gorged on chocolate, eaten potato chips and pasta, as I officially start another workout plan tomorrow.  Except this one is 90 days. 

Fingers crossed I can do it! 

Getting Juffin to take measurements tonight, as didn't do that before the last one and make sure the alarm is set.

In other news, Juffin has pink eye, and blamed me.  However my eyes are shiny white and not at all itchy.  I told him his body is trying to tell him something, ie don't stay up late studying all week and then play video games until 2am on the weekend and not expect to pay for it somehow.  I mean, I know that I definitely need to work on going to bed earlier, but he's an absolute shocker.  Last night, he watched a fucking movie that I wanted to watch with him, without me.  I almost kicked him out of the house.  Who does that?! 

Ps my little big girl is 2 on Friday.

W T F (insert crying eyes emoji here)

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