26 Apr 2013

Baby Brain

When will it end? I keep doing this one stupid thing over and over again and it's driving me nuts!  It involves a bucket, a tap and a huge dose of forgetfulness.

I have a giant old pickle bucket that I use for my nappy bucket.  It sits in the sink in the laundry.  Every morning I tip the contents into the washing machine and do my nappy wash.  I then put a lidful of napisan in the bucket and fill it up with warm water.  It's a pretty big bucket, so I turn on the tap and go and hang some washing out or go and wash my hands or wander off and do something else for a minute or two.

Except it isn't a minute or two.  It's like ten.  Then I think to myself, what's that running water noise and I realise that I've left the tap running.

And the bucket is overflowing.


When will the forgetfulness baby brain stupidity end?  Honestly?  You'd think every time I refill that bucket I would say to myself, don't walk away this time, or remember to turn the tap off but it doesn't happen.

Please bear in mind that this doesn't happen everyday, or even every week, but it's happened enough for me to be worried about my mental state.

I figured if I wrote about it, it might make it easier to remember next time....  

The bucket in question.
Footnote: Yes, there is a Womble over my laundry sink.  He makes me happy whilst I'm doing my least favourite household chore, washing. I'm a true child of the 80's.