11 Apr 2013

Holy Moley

I had to have a mole checked out on Monday.  It was a weird looking thing on the left side of my face, down near my ear.  I didn't know it existed until I had the Mushroom and it started to grow.  A bit like my arse.  

Not that my arse didn't exist before Mushroom.  It did.  Now it's just growing bigger.  Like the mole was.  Nevermind.

Anyway, no less than 3 people mentioned it to me over the last few weeks so on Monday I went to my good ol GP who took one look at it and said, let's do a biopsy.


So back again on Tuesday to have my face cut open and a bit of the holy moley sent away.

Hooray for school holidays so my Mum could watch the Mushroom but boo for local anaesthetic in the face.  Ouchies.  You'd think after being in labour for a whole day, having an epidural, and then a cesarean, a tiny little needle in the side of my face would be no big deal.

It wasn't really.  But it stung.  And  I was a bit scared.  I must admit.  I now have to wear a patch on my face over the sutures so I look like I'm just trying to hide a big pimple or something.

I call to get my results this afternoon.  Fingers crossed it's nothing!

My patch