11 Apr 2013

First tantrum?

Mushroom has discovered my keys.  He likes to try and lift them off me when I get him out of the car and carry him into the house.  He's very good at it, and most of the time I just let him take them. However, they're not really an appropriate chew toy and they get all drooly and gross.  Not to mention totes unhygienic.  As a result of this I have started to hide the keys from him before I get him out of the car, down the top, that sort of thing, and we have avoided confrontation.  Until Sunday.

Mushroom is in his bumbo with the keys.  Not sure how he got the keys, why he has the keys, but have the keys he does.  It goes a little like this:

Arggghhh ach ach ach mmmmmmmmmmm
Wave keys around with force and nearly take one's eye out
Bang keys repeatedly on bumbo, yelling and hitting
Chew chew chew
Mega drool

It's reaching the danger zone with frustration and eye pokage levels increasing with every second.  Juffin moves in.  Before I can warn him, he says taaaa and takes the keys off of Mushroom.

For a moment there is silence.  The look on Mushroom's face is priceless.  Then all hell breaks loose.

Mushroom scrunches up his little face and goes ballistic.  He arches his back, his face goes beetroot.  There is screaming, tears, fist banging and arms waving.  I have to duck my head into the pantry as I start laughing at how quickly he turned from happy to psychopath.  Stunned at the reaction, Juffin hands the keys back and it's like a switch was flipped.  Smiles, and grins for Daddy now.  There are still bloody tears on his face.

My little Mushroom knows exactly what's going on.  Turd.  I fear for the future.  I really do.

Don't be fooled. Underneath lies a demon!